Car Companies Offering Free Wheel Locks Amid Rampant Crime

Crime in America has become so out of control that car manufacturers are now providing free steering wheel locks. Kia and Hyundai are among the companies offering free locks nationwide. There was a 95% increase in these stolen vehicles last year. Videos emerged on social media explaining how to easily steal certain late-model Kia and Hyundai vehicles using a screwdriver. The car manufacturers are taking the blame, but the true criminals are the politicians implementing light-on-crime policies.

There are lawsuits against numerous car manufacturers and calls to pull 10 million cars without engine immobilizers off the road. The problem does not lie with the car companies. “In many cases, the vehicles are stolen solely for the purpose of operating in a reckless and dangerous manner. Such criminal conduct endangers our local communities and violates the property rights of the vehicle owner,” Kia said. Disturbed teens and young adults are primarily committing these crimes. This is a moral issue in our society where the youth have been taught that they are victims and entitled to what is not theirs.

Residents of San Francisco commonly leave their windows rolled down to avoid criminals smashing in their windows. NYPD provided 500 Bronx residents with air tags to keep track of their cars. Catalytic converter theft is on the rise everywhere. And some are simply stealing cars for fun without profit. Cities are overrun with crime and there are no repercussions for bad behavior. Teens will get a slap on the wrist at most. No police force is launching an investigation to track down a stolen personal vehicle.

Stories emerge in the news of young wannabe criminals hurting themselves or others during these joy rides in stolen vehicles, and the journalists always portray them as the victims. For example, when five teens were ejected from a car during a joy ride and died, Kia was asked to put forth a statement. People are dying and killing others on these joy rides. Where are the parents? Morals among the masses have weakened.

People could leave their car doors unlocked when I was growing up. One class action lawsuit against Kia and Hyundai claims the companies are “blatantly valuing profits over the safety and security of their customers.” Is it really a safety feature if it merely prevents others from stealing the car? Vehicles without engine immobilizers existed for many years without issue. It is an issue now due to the cultural shift in thinking. America is becoming an increasingly dangerous place, and everyone besides the criminals are held responsible.

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