Coke in the White House – Trump v Biden


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The media condemned Donald Trump for drinking Coca-Cola. Numerous media outlets picked up the stories and they tracked exactly how much soda the president consumed each day. They interviewed doctors who called Trump reckless for consuming so much sugar, with some even claiming the soft drink was affecting his behavior. Fast forward a few years later, and the media is dismissing the fact that the Secret Service found actual cocaine in the White House that forced a full evacuation of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The mainstream media wants us to laugh off the illegal drug surpassing top White House security. The White House tried to claim it was found in a common area but has changed the location numerous times. Joe Biden was visiting Camp David when the powder was discovered. Everyone has an idea of the most likely culprit. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who has never answered a question directly, claims they will investigate and find the culprit. That means they will pin the blame on some innocent person who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The intelligence agencies are already in Biden’s pocket and cannot be trusted to investigate. House Republicans are opening up an investigation. “This alarming development requires the Committee to assess White House security practices and determine whose failures led to an evacuation of the building and finding of the illegal substance,” Comer wrote, adding that his committee would need “additional information.”

Rules for thee but not for me. Fast-forward to around the two-minute mark in the video above. Let us recall that Biden implemented some of the harshest laws imaginable for drug users during his time as a senator. “TAKE THEM OUT OF SOCIETY!” Biden screamed, insisting there was no way to rehabilitate these people and jail was the only option. He said he did not care if someone was disadvantaged or had a poor upbringing. People are rotting away behind bars for being in possession of a class one narcotic. Yet, there are pictures of his son weighing out crack cocaine, smoking it with prostitutes, and discussing purchasing it. If it does belong to his son, then the Bidens know they are well above the law to the point where they are flaunting their immunity in our faces.


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