Sound of Freedom Blacklisted by Woke Elite


The movie “Sound of Freedom” exposes the darkest corner of our society – child trafficking. The film should not be controversial but the mainstream media and Hollywood blacklisted the film because they are protecting those involved. Simply Google the film and you will see articles from EVERY news outlet condemning the film as a QAnon conspiracy for right-wing extremists.

Jim Caviezel, the director, is a devout Christian which is now a radical ideology in America. You may not believe in God but watching this film will show you that pure evil exists. He has said that streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu would not carry his film, which is precisely what occurred with “The Forecaster.” For you see, there are numerous organizations that would taken down if the truth came out. This is a trade that surpasses most other industries and cannot be calculated. The Department of Homeland Security estimates that child trafficking account for $150 billion in global trade, but the true amount is much higher. Millions of children go missing every single year. It is not isolated to third world countries. What happened to the children who went unaccounted for at our own border?


It is extremely alarming that the powers that be want to silence this film. Epstein island was a conspiracy theory too at one time. The politicians and people of influence who went to his island were never held accountable, but that shows only a tiny fraction of how deep this insanity goes. Governments are involved. The woke elite are dominating all institutions and forcing organizations to abide by their CEI and ESG scores. Kids are being taken away from their parents if they don’t provide “gender affirming care,” which never existed up until a few years ago when the far left lost its collective mind. They are NORMALIZING the sexualization of children even in schools. The Guardian called the film “the QAnon-adjacent thriller seducing America” as did every other major news outlet. I question any journalist who is angered by a film that shines a light on such an important topic. The corruption goes deep, and the elite have an agenda. It is not fear-mongering because, yes they are coming for our children.

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