BoC Study: 59% of Canadians Willing to Accept CBDC

The masses do not realize what CBDC really entails. It is marketed as a convenient and modern way to bank. In truth it is a tool for control, an important tool that governments need to usher in the Great Reset. A recent poll by the Bank of Canada aimed to see how willingly the public would accept a new digital currency. Surprisingly, the majority said they were willing to make the switch without hesitation.

An alarming 59% of respondents said they are willing to switch to CBDC once available. They do not realize that they won’t have a choice in the matter. Around 43% said they were “somewhat willing” to accept CBDC. Then 11% said they were “very willing” and 5% “extremely willing.” Only 25% said they would not make the switch, which again will not be optional. Only 16% admitted that they do not understand the concept.

It appears that the public does not understand the risks involved. Over half (51%) said they were confident the central bank would securely handle their transactions and data. Around 56% said they were concerned about the potential for fraud, cyber attacks (53%), personal data misuse (44%), and lack of anonymity (35%). The central bank, of course, did not ask the real question – Are you comfortable with the government controlling all of your financial transactions?

Eighteen of the G20 countries have already begun developing digital currencies. The real threat here is that CBDC will provide governments will full access to our finances. We see how easily private banks de-bank individuals. Trudeau was able to cancel accounts of protestors and their alleged supporters in an instant.

CBDC would allow government to deny people access to their finances entirely, especially since cash will not be an alternative. The WEF wants to link individual IDs to the banking system and throw in social credit scores for good measure. A WEF spokesman recently said during the Summer Davos that they would like to control what people buy and ban unapproved purchases. Then they will ensure no money goes off the grid as governments want to tax us into oblivion. Now is the time to show resistance to the idea. Once they implement these policies, there is no going back. They will give us a timeframe to convert our cash to a CBDC and then governments will have complete control over our finances.

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