Chicago Suburb To Pay Reparations

Chicago is crumbling to the ground. What do the politicians plan to do to fix the problem? Buy votes! The Chicago upper-middle-class suburb of Evanston, Illinois, approved a $10 million reparation package in 2019. The city will now hand out $25,000 to 140 black residents over the age of 18 who lived in the area between 1919-1969. “I see it as like a test run for the whole country,” stated Justin Hansford, head of the Thurgood Marshall Civil Rights Center at Howard University.

Of course, they have not properly funded the trial program. Initially, the committee agreed to use taxes from marijuana sales. When that wasn’t enough, they took funding from real estate taxes. They have less than $1.2 million after years of searching for funding and will be hunting down the public for additional taxes. Let’s do the math here — $25K for 140 people is only $3.5 million. Do they need the extra $6.5 million to fund the committee and politicians? The greed from every angle is unbelievable.

Some activists are already complaining that the generous $25,000 free handout is not enough. One woman who received her free check during the initial trial told the New York Post that it is only “a good start.” She blew the entire thing on home renovations and it certainly didn’t heal her ancestral wounds that she needed money to heal. Give an inch, and people will take a mile. Reparations are not economically feasible by any means and creating further inflationary conditions will hurt the dollar in general.

They are creating a racial divide between a small percentage of the country and everyone else. Only a small portion of Americans had ancestors that were slave owners, and even then, the law does not expect future generations to pay for the misdoings of the past. The nation is crumbling because we are divided on everything from race, religion, sexuality, and politics. We use every term to define ourselves other than “Americans.” The average person is struggling to make ends meet as living prices have become unsustainable. There will be a civil war if people are expected to give others their hard-earned money without reason. These politicians are creating an upheaval by using tax dollars to buy votes and it will not end well.

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