Further Evidence of WWIII – DoD Budget

The Department of Defense (DoD) drastically changed its budget plan. The left is constantly complaining about how America spends too much on defense, and the White House originally decided that there would be around a 2% increase in the budget for 2024, which is average. Now, the Department of Defense is planning a 10% increase in military spending for 2024.

We are allegedly not at war, so why is the government planning a 10% increase on an $880 BILLION budget? That is a massive increase for a country allegedly not at war. The proxy war was planned long ago (see: “The Plot to Seize Russia), and the chess pieces are now in a position for the US to engage in warfare unapologetically. They need to pull the trigger on this plan before November 2024. This is the PLANNED election cancellation plan.

The US must be engaged in a full-scale war for Joe Biden to remain in power. The world knows that the lights are on and no one is home, so to speak. Biden is rapidly losing his cognitive abilities in front of the world and no one dares to impeach him for the numerous offenses made against the US. There are plenty of other candidates who even those on the left would chose ahead of Biden. The problem becomes Biden is bought and paid for – an easily managed puppet of the deep state. They need their puppet to stay at the forefront to prevent anyone from interrupting their plan.

We will not have a real 2024 US Presidential Election. They have already put funds aside for the war, and will no doubt ask for more. No sitting president has ever been ousted during a war and this is the Neocons last chance to secure power. World War III already started.

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