Tucker Carlson Kills Mike Pence’s Presidential Dreams         

Some may have seen the viral clip of Tucker Carlson’s interview with Mike Pence. This interview will be remembered as the nail in the coffin for Pence, who could not hide his Neocon agenda. “Every city in the United States have become much worse in the past three years. Drive around – there is not ONE city that has gotten better — it is very visible.” Carlson said to an utterly apathetic Pence. Carlson passionately reminded the former vice president that the country has degraded entirely, our economy is failing, and crime is on the rise. He even pointed out that suicide rates are sharply increasing because the people feel completely helpless with no hope for the future. We desperately need help at home, and at minimum, a leader who has a pinch of empathy for America. Again, Pence showed no emotion and actually seemed angry that Carlson dared to question his stance on Ukraine.

So why then, Mike, are you concerned about America not doing enough for Ukraine? We already sent them tens of billions in funding (hundreds of billions actually) and no one even knows where the money went. Carlson correctly commented that most Americans cannot even point out Ukraine on the map. “Where is your concern for the United States in all of that?” Carlson asked. It was not a trick question. How did Pence respond? “That is not my concern,” Pence honestly stated.

Yes, a man who wants to run to become the leader of the formerly free world said the hardships faced by Americans are simply NOT his concern. At least he was honest. It makes it easier when politicians state their true motives out loud. Some are calling this Pence’s “Bud Light moment” because there is no coming back from such a comment.

Neocons like Mike Pence genuinely do not have empathy for “their people” because “their people” are not the commoners like us but the Neocons and the military-industrial complex that profit big on endless wars. So he expects the people to vote him in as the Republican candidate when he said screw the US, the economy, and the hardships faced by all Americans? He was unable to quell his anger and pride after Tucker Carlson put him on the spot, so he said exactly what he was thinking. American politicians are not concerned about America, and that is why we are failing as a nation.

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