The Ungrateful Ukrainians – Screw You – We Will Do What We Want With Your Weapons


So far, our totally impartial computer continues to point to World War III, and the American Neocons do not care about the country, our people, or anything other than defeating Russia despite the fact it is no longer a communist country. I have heard from Ukrainian sources that this is not about their freedom. If so, just let the Donbas vote democratically as per the Minsk Agreement, and the rest of Ukraine is free. They tell their people this is necessary because Russia will then want the rest of Ukraine. That is nonsense. Russia could have wiped out Ukraine in the first six weeks had they done what the US did to Iraq. That is why there are those in Russia who feel that their hands have been tied by Putin not wanting to take all of Ukraine.

We will provide Ukraine with cluster bombs and F16s, and they will use them to attack Crimea and Moscow itself in hopes of dragging in the entire world. The Neocons are running the White House. And until the press starts looking beyond the nonsense from Biden as if he is really making these decisions, the future will only get darker with each arms shipment.

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