The Collapse of the Rule of Law

I hear Trump is to be arraigned, this time the first with a mugshot that will certainly go viral worldwide, on Aug. 25th. This is immediately after the BRICS summit on Aug, 22-24 with discussions of a new non-dollar trading currency. I can’t believe these lunatics are going to prove to the world America is now a banana republic at such a critical juncture of time. They just can’t help themselves can they? Your De-Dollarization report released this month couldn’t have been timed better.

Regards, Rob

REPLY: Our computer had this week for a Directional Change and next week as a target for a turning point. Then we have a Panic Cycle the week of September 25th. Our February Monthly AI Timing Array, published on the private blog, showed that August was a key turning point. There was a Direction Change in April and a May low. June suddenly rallied and closed above the May high. August has been a key target, and the volatility will rise afterward.

We have a severe Constitutional Crisis. All of these prosecutions against Trump are to interfere with the 2024 election, which violates everyone’s constitutional rights. But worse still, they have all coordinated their attacks and conspired together. This is destroying our legal system. This will now be unrestrained about the legal system, for Republican prosecutors are now free to indict Hillary, Pelosi, and down the line. State prosecutors can now indict all the Democrats, and the DOJ, firmly in control of the Neocons, cannot order a state prosecutor to stand down. All of these indictments against Trump when he is the lead candidate for the 2024 election signals to the entire world that this is the end of the United States experiment in Liberty & Justice for All. It is simply all over. The abuse of the law will now become a free-for-all. Mark Meadows has already moved to transfer the case from the crazy prosecutor to a federal court.

The intent expressly stated in the Constitution recognized that there could be a situation where they would charge a Senator or Congressman and prevent them from voting in order to pass an unpopular bill. Even the founding fathers never anticipated that they would use the law to prevent someone from running for office. This violated everybody in this country’s fundamental substantive due process of law.

U.S. Constitution Article I. Legislative Branch Section VI Clause I

The Senators and Representatives shall receive a Compensation for their Services, to be ascertained by Law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States. They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.

There is such a thing as the Supervisory Power of the Supreme Court. Because Trump is now charged in three separate states, plus the notorious District of Columbia, this calls for a petition directly to the Supreme Court under their Supervisory Power because each court pretends that Trump is not the leading candidate. Here we have this ethically corrupt judge in DC who refuses to even acknowledge that Trump was the president calling him Mr. Trump in court. This demonstrates her bias.

Before Justice Barrett joined the Supreme Court, we commented on the Supervisory power of the Supreme Court.

The Supervisory Power of the Supreme Court


The Supreme Court’s relationship to inferior federal courts is not a matter on which the Court typically reflects in any depth. Nevertheless,
the Court in Dickerson recently expressed great confidence in at least one aspect of that relationship: its authority over inferior federal court
procedure, even outside the confines of the statutorily authorized federal rulemaking process. As Dickerson suggests, the idea that the Supreme
Court possesses supervisory authority over inferior court procedure is well
entrenched in its cases.

Dickerson v. United States 530 U.S. 428, 437 (2000)

Each of these courts is out to interfere with the 2024 election. The prosecutors have coordinated these indictments, and as such, they have CONSPIRED against all the civil rights of every person in the United States. I am NOT writing this as a Trump supporter. If the Republicans did this to a Democratic candidate, the law would be the same. I fear that this has now become the NORM, and as such, NO ethical person will ever dare try to run for office if his family is assaulted, and he would be criminally charged for nonsense because a powerful group does not like his policies. EVERY Democrat in Congress should now demand that Biden pardon Trump, for if they do not, the United States will be torn apart, the Republicans will retaliate against Democrats, and the rule of law will collapse.

On June 25, 2020, BEFORE the election, we posted that the election would be manipulated and that Trump should have won. Still, our computer was warning he would probably lose since our geopolitical models showed it could not be Trump starting wars. I warned that historians recorded that the election of 53 BC in Rome was so corrupt that all the bribing got so out of hand that interest rates virtually doubled to pay all the bribes. Given that interest rates before the election of 53 BC had stood at 4% and in post-election years 8%. That corruption undermined the economy, and interest rates rose further during the peak of speculation before the crash stood at 12%.

It was a Debt Crisis that forced Julius Caesar to cross the Rubicon in 49 BC – not a thirst for power. The people cheered Caesar, and it was the senators who fled Rome and ran to Asia, for the people would not support them. The negative image of Caesar was fake news spun by Cicero, who was only of the corrupt oligarchs. I wrote for the conclusion of that June 25th, 2020 post:

“So buckle up. The election of 2020 is going to be the most corrupt, manipulated, and outright fraudulent election in American history. There is a lot at stake. This is a major effort by Marxists to take control. The election of 53 BC was the precursor to civil unrest which began just 3.14 years later when Julius Caesar (100-44BC) crossed the Rubicon on January 10-11, 49 BC. Interestingly enough, it will be four years to the peak of this Economic Confidence Model – 2024.”

We will not even make it to the November 2024 elections. This corruption will lead to a turn in the entire world economy post-May 7/8th, 2024. The 2020 election took place on November 3rd, 2020 (2020.841). Our Rubicon today may very well be 2023.981 – December 24th. Perhaps this will be our political Christmas gift to the world so they see America as not much different than a banana republic. Maybe that is why Biden is flooding the country with illegal aliens with their hand out for welfare.

In 1985, we took the back cover of the Economist for three weeks in July. We announced the peak in the dollar and the end of deflation. Our AI computer, which has the longest track record of anything in the world, was correct then, and we forecasted the Age of the Takeover Boom.

We published these charts back then, demonstrating that the US share market was grossly undervalued. The low in the book value from the Great Depression occurred in 1977. That is what happens in a Public Wave – private assets become cheap. You could buy a company, sell its assets, and triple your money. We had forecast that the Dow would rise from 1,000 to 6,000, and many thought we were nuts back then.

Yes, we attracted the takeover players who used our model to make a lot of money. Alan Bond used it to create Bond University in Australia.

The point here is straightforward. I have warned that our computer has been so negative on the 2024 election even Zero Hedge reported that I was warning, “We may not even have an election in 2024…”


Our computer projected that Trump would win the 2016 election against all the biased polls. Three out of four of our models’ projected that Trump would win, and one was a tie.

Our computer was the ONLY forecast that Nigel Farage would win with BREXIT. Nigel came and spoke at our Rome WEC in 2019 and said just that – we were the only ones to forecast his victory. He had to come because we were the “alternative to Davos.”


When we look at the computer forecast for the popular vote for 2020 compared to 2024, we have warned that the 2020 election would be very close. Our six model group was split 50/50 for the 2020 election. Now turning to the 2024 election, we have four models projecting a Republican win, but look at two of the projections – 61% and 59%. This is absolutely incredible. The only such victory that reached 61% was that of 1920 and FDR in 1936, which is eerily similar.

To Judicial Watch – if you are really interested in defending the Constitution, I urge you to petition the Supreme Court under its Supervisory Power to intervene since we have four proceedings intending to prevent Trump from being elected. The Neocons KNOW they are in trouble, and if Trump won, he now knows the same, and he would drain the Swamp this time. That is why they cannot let him in the White House, and I fear if they cannot block him with prison, they will assassinate him.

The Neocons MUST stop Trump at all costs, for they intend to create World War III.

  There will NEVER be a Fair Election Ever Again!

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