Judge Howell’s Most Outrageous Order By Any Judge in History


District Court Judge in Washington DC, Beryl Alaine Howell,  is clearly out to get Trump and imprison him to interfere with the 2024 election. This person will most likely contribute to the separatist movement and the collapse of the United States. She was also the judge supervising the grand jury for special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections. Grand Jury proceedings are supposed to be secret. That did not matter to her.

On October 25, 2019, she bent over backward and ruled in favor of the House Judiciary Committee, seeking to impeach Trump by handing them the grand jury minutes. To pretend it was legal, she ruled that the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump was a judicial proceeding when Congress is not a judiciary. That violated the Separation of Power to transform Congress into the Judiciary constructively. She amended the Constitution of the United States without any such authority.

But in this newly unsealed document, not only did she deny President Trump any right to due process and to challenge the Twitter turnover order, which the DC Court of Appeals disgracefully upheld, but she also ordered Twitter to turn over the names of everyone who ever even click on a Trump post saying they liked it. This is so outrageous. She has violated everyone in the entire country of both Due Process of Law and their First Amendment Right to Free Speech. Allowing the government to now create lists of everyone in the country who clicked “like” with any of his posts that had nothing to do with the January 6th event is no longer a free country. Anyone who at any time clicked a like on any Twitter post by Trump has been prejudiced. Your civil rights have been flat outright violated. There should be a class action suit filed against her – NOW!

Howell should be impeached, as with every Court of Appeals Judge that upheld her. This is totally outrageous and NOT what anyone would expect from a non-Communist free democracy.  Enough is enough. This is disgraceful, and civilization ONLY survives when the rule of law prevails. She is out to imprison Trump, and to think that this will not result in major civil unrest is just ludicrous. Our computer has been projecting massive civil unrest on the horizon.

Personally, it is now starting to come into focus how dangerously close we are flirting with the decline and fall of the United States. EVERY Republican prosecutor and judge will now see a green light to do the same to Democrats. This is all becoming insane! This is also how Rome fell – one general against another general. Postumus split the Roman Empire and issued this coin restorer of Gaul. They separated from Rome, which they, too, saw as corrupt and unable to defend all the people. I was wondering why the model pinpointed 2023 10 years in advance. I guess we now know.



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