Rigging Elections – Open Your Eyes

COMMENT: You are just a Trump supporter. The 2020 election was not rigged. Get over it.


ANSWER: I’m sorry you refuse to look at it objectively. I was asked to put in $10 billion, and they were rigging the 2000 Russian election. I said no, and I paid the price. Here is a tape of former CIA Chief James Woolsey admitting that the CIA has rigged elections. As he says: “Only for a very good cause. In the interest of democracy.” He also refused to say they no longer interfere in foreign elections. If you think for one second that the 2020 election was fair, you are a fool. The Neocons got rid of Trump and immediately began to wage wars. They took out Kennedy because he, too, was against the war. Johnson took us right into Vietnam.

I will be shocked if Biden does not win in 2024. They Want this War at all costs.

They are attacking RFK as well – this is NOT just about Trump.



The Neocon Robert MacNamara apologized for being WRONG, and 58,000 Americans died then, and how many millions of Vietnamese? He admits it was a civil war, the same as Ukraine. Russia is supporting the Donbas, and we support Kiev. These Neocons have never won a single war since WWII. They have lied about every last war to get us involved. I feel sorry for you. You have been subjected to their brainwashing, and eventually, you will open your eyes and realize this is all about their power and preventing outsiders from coming to Washington to play in their sandbox. I understand when you are part of the herd, you will never listen to others. You have to open your mind and cross that boundary voluntarily. You cannot be forced.

Look at the movie Oppenheimer. You will see what they did to him.

Nothing has Changed

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