How to Socialize a Nation – Divide & Conquer

COMMENT: The Other Plan? | Trudeau, his Dad Pierre Elliot and Selfsame Joe Biden Socialist Goals. | “Every Time I Think of it I Get Mad.”
“Many Years Ago there was a book entitled Social Purpose for Canada, each chapter was written by a different person, one chapter was written by Pierre Elliot Trudeau. And this book was outlining how they could socialize Canada. Make it a social nation. You know what the plan was? Here’s what they said, “We can’t socialize Canada as long as Canada is strong and united.” “We must Balkanize Canada before we can socialize Canada.” That was the plan; and Trudeau worked at it. You know when he was giving millions of dollars to various groups in Canada he wasn’t doing it from the write motive. His motive was to socialize Canada and that’s really what went on. The average Canadian doesn’t know that. I heard about this book, got it at a library and read it and I was shocked to see what the plan was and how they’re working this plan [to] Balkanize Canada split it into small groups. Then they said we can socialize these small groups one by one and eventually get the whole country. This was the plan. Every time I think of it I get mad.” Bill McLeod, Canadian Revivalist (1919-2012) comment on Trudeau re: Social Purpose for Canada by Michael Oliver. Published: December 1961.


REPLY: The LEFT knows very well how to take over a country. They did that in Russia and China. You divide the people into groups and turn them all against each other. The transgengers in the US are 0.04%, yet you would think that they are the majority. Here you have a male coach going into the girl’s locker room to change because he claims he identifies as a woman. If I did that, I would be arrested. So if I say I identify as a woman, that means it’s OK? What about the rights of privacy of the girls in the locker room? They already can no longer dream of getting to the Olympics because some guy claims he is now a woman.

As I have said, there are plenty of transgenders in Thailand since it is the sex-change capital of the world. It is no big deal because they are also respectful and call themselves ladyboys. Here, they are being used to actually divide the country and create the exact opposite of what they have been manipulated to do – create disunity – not equality. Here we can no longer define a woman, and soon Mother’s Day is to be Birthing Person Day. This is part of the LEFT agenda. Divide the nation into race, genders, left, right, and PREVENT unity. When everyone is divided, then they will not join together to rise up against the real enemy – those manipulating society pretending to be elected officials.

This is the oldest strategy. If you divide the people, then they can be conquered. It is as simple as that. Julius Caesar was able to conquer Gaul despite being outnumbered more than 10 to 1 because the Gauls never united until it was too late. Even in the final battle during September 52 BC, Julius Caesar sealed his fate as a legendary military commander at the Battle of Alesia, where his army of 50,000 Romans defeated 200,000 Gauls in what is now modern-day Burgundy, France. The Celtic tribes were never united. Caesar defeated the Belgae tribes as well as the Helvetia. Had they all united, Caesar surely would not have conquered Europe. Hence, keep your opponents divided, and you will win.

Even Amazon’s internal documents exposed that the company rates their stores using a “diversity index” and determined the threat of unionization is “higher” at stores with “lower diversity.” This is what the WOKE movement is all about — DIVIDE & CONQUER! This is the entire object of the woke movement — divide and create hatred between the groups. This is the strategy of how the LEFT is taking the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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