Descending Deep into this Darkness


One of my mentors told me about you 6 months ago. Since that time, I have been an avid reader of your public and private blogs. Additionally, I’ve incorporated the Socrates arrays into my trading strategy.
First and foremost, thank you so much for everything you do. The world needs a voice like you during these difficult times as we are descending into darkness. You are helping so many people wakeup to the truth. Your integrity from within, courage in adversity and service above self have helped me to find my own voice. It is time for humanity to rise against our oppressors and take back our freedoms.
My question this morning is what happens to Socrates after you’re gone? I have watched several interviews as well as your documentary where you talk about how the CIA desperately wants the technology. Do you have a plan in place for protecting this powerful tool?
Wishing you many more years of health and happiness!

ANSWER: Thank you. I do not regret what they did to me. I survived but emerged with a deeper understanding of how corrupt the system is. Having a working knowledge of law, I went toe-to-toe with my oppressors, who were clearly taking orders from those who sought to take over Russia and strip it clean of its wealth. I watched how they rigged trials, selected judges, and pretended it was random, and then saw how they altered transcripts to change the very words spoken in courts only to find the Second Circuit Court of Appeals to be as fake as a $3 bill. I helped others in their legal defense. I told one black kid to go to trial. He won. My own court-appointed counsel dared to say I helped a criminal escape. He said the jury did not find him innocent, only that there was insufficient evidence. That was the view of even these fake lawyers who pretend to defend people but are paid for by the court to make sure they lose 99% of the time. His mother hugged me and said I was the first white person who ever helped her family.


I have seen it all. I watched them prosecute three separate Italian Mafia families for “conspiracy” to murder the same alleged murder using three different theories, and no corpse was ever found. It was as if your spouse vanished, and they then charged you with conspiracy to murder them without any corpse ever found whatsoever. All they had was a car parked at the airport and nothing more. They found them all guilty and sentenced to 20+ years for nothing. I have ZERO respect for our legal system anymore. It is so corrupt I cannot even recant all the horror stories I witnessed. My own real lawyer warned me they would try to kill me. They did; I was in a coma but survived, to their dismay.

When the Rule of Law collapses, so does society. Lady Margaret Thatcher explained that Britain, in its golden age, brought the rule of law to the world. Civilization exists ONLY when everyone benefits. What is going on now is that when the LEFT seizes control, they seek to force their view on everyone else. This is simply an economic religion that has doomed the world, and we will not revitalize civilization until this collapses and people see what it really is. Communism collapsed in 1989. Ironically, this is just one Fibonacci count of 34 years later – it’s our time.


As Maggie said, when you run out of other people’s money, that is when it all falls apart. We have reached that point in history. That is why they are now pushing for CBDCs for total control because the debt system is collapsing. They are indeed, running out of other people’s money.

We are descending deep into this darkness. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We will emerge from this stronger, just as I did. When you see the system for what it truly is, that is when it will all change. Thirty years ago, the system was corrupt, but they at least tried to hide it. Today, they no longer care because they control the elections, and only a fool thinks they are fair. They will do as they like, for the government has undergone a silent coup and nobody seems to care in Washington. It’s like J. Edgar Hoover who had files on every politician, and they did as he said, or else. The Neocons are doing the same.


As for Socrates, it will survive me. The government canceled all the visas of my programmers from around the world. This is a worldwide effort to preserve this for posterity. People have always tried to infiltrate my operation to grab whatever they can because they are corrupt and greedy. All they ever see is money and screwing the world. Their greed blinds them, and they cannot fathom that they will not have the life they dream about because they are just corrupt in character. I have seen the evil inside the belly of the beast as well as on the outside. My goal is for Socrates to survive and help post-2032. It is my gift to humanity.

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