Democrats and Republicans Agree – Biden is Too Old for Office

Biden mumbles through every teleprompter script he’s forced to read. He is clearly suffering from a severe cognitive decline, and yet, his administration want to keep him in office. I believe this comes down more to cognitive functions rather than age, as Trump is considered an older candidate but extremely sharp. A new poll published by the Associated Press shows that Americans on both sides fear Joe is too old to run the country.

Overall, 77% of respondents said that Joe Biden cannot handle four more years due to his age. Around 89% of Republicans agreed, as did 69% of Democrats. Around half of respondents said that Trump, who is four years younger than Joe, is too old to lead. However, that view was overwhelmingly more present among Democrats.

Around 67% of respondents believe Supreme Court justices need an age limit, and 68% believe all politicians should be forced to retire by a certain age. We have 90-year-old politicians Dianne Feinstein clinging to both power and life. Senator Chuck Grassley remains in his position at 89-years-old. Pelosi was 5 when WWII ended. There are plenty of politicians who would be considered too old to be left at home alone, let alone to make major decisions on behalf of the public.

People hate Trump enough to vote for Joe Biden even though they know he’s unfit to serve. America needs term limits. I have long stated that permanent politicians must be removed from office. They are leeches to our society and serve no purpose other than serving themselves and their donors. Trump himself has stated that anyone running for the office of President of the United States should be required to take a full mental competency test. Age aside, look at people like Fetterman. Imagine if we allowed surgeons, pilots, or others in positions of power to work while knowingly mentally compromised? “Politician” should not be a permanent career choice, rather people should choose to serve their country for a fixed duration of time while bringing skills from other areas to the table.

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