It’s All Just Propaganda

QUESTION: Do you think it is impossible for anyone to forecast a market from a personal opinion perspective? I have followed your long-term forecasts and they have been amazing. But that is Socrates not you individually. Correct?


ANSWER: Of course! Nobody, alive or dead, can forecast the future of any market or economy from a personal opinion basis. We learn in life from our mistakes – not our victories.  The fool never blames himself but always someone else. That guarantees they will never advance in life – they are vindictive idiots incapable of learning anything.

Back in 2015, I personally was hoping that gold would just crack $1,000. Had that taken place, we would have seen a major bull market. The computer gives us the time. That is not subject to opinion. That is why so many institutions rely on us. It is the same model in the world. What came afterward has been a slow rally, which has now three attempts to really break out, So this traps people on false moves and wears them down. It is the opposite of what I was hoping for in 2015, personally. The computer overrides my personal expectations, for that is what people look to – not my opinion.


Had gold cracked the $1,000 level, it would have been more like 1985 when it cracked $300, and everyone threw in the towel. Then, people kept shorting, expecting it to fall back to $100. That is what fueled the rally – constant sort positions. The failure to crack $1,000 in 2015 did not create the constant short-covering. It has been nothing but tired long positions praying for gold to go to $10,000. This is why you see the three failed attempts. There has not been a collapse in the confidence in government needed just yet. That is coming. Normally, the FOURTH time is the charm. They have already bought it. They are waiting for the rally – not buying more every day. These are observations of a trader – not forecasts.

For timing, we look to Socrates. Not my personal gut feeling.

The long-term forecasts have been spot on. That is not whether gold cracks the $1,000 or stopped at $1031. There is so much noise in the system that if gold or the Dow jumps 10% in a month, it still does not change the long-term trend. That is what the timing is for, and that is not based on human opinion.

There are people who try to discourage people from looking at Socrates. They are the same old people who hate geopolitical forecasting and are not honest; they are shills. No analyst is perfect for 40 years on an opinion basis. So, there is a hidden agenda. Why? When it comes to the major forecasts like the fall of Communism, the Crash of 1987, the peak in gold in 2013, and even the 2007-2009 Great Recession – the computer has been spot on. Even forecasting that Ukraine would be where the war begins. That is what they do not want anyone to look at.

They are desperate to try to prevent people from looking at Socrates. Even in court, the Judge claimed I stole the idea of Pi from a movie in 1998, yet I had published the ECM more than 20 years before. It is astounding how far the government, with its fake narratives and its control of Wikipedia, is so desperate to prevent people from looking at the long-term forecasts. They do not like that it forecasts by 2032, all of these Republican forms of government will collapse.

The WEF and all their co-conspirators will FAIL! So, as always, they fear I have too much influence, and they never stop trying to prevent people from looking at Socrates. It is laughable that they want to claim I am personally wrong because something like gold cracking $1,000 v stopping at $1031, so you should not look at the real forecasts. Nobody can forecast consistently from a personal opinion perspective. We are all human. The long-term forecasts are NOT my opinion.


I have been named America’s top economist for forecasting the fall of Communism and the Japanese Bubble. I was named Forex Person of the Year for forecasting the collapse of the Swiss/Euro Peg. I was named Hedge Fund Manager of the Year for correcting trading during the Russian collapse where even George Soros lost $2 billion. See the Deutschbank Track Record of my fund below. I have retired from managing money – so no inquiries, please. It’s too much of a distraction in these perilous times.


Even in the movie they did on me, the Forecaster, they filmed the forecasts from 2011 to 2014. Watch the film and see how many forecasts were correct. Wikipedia deliberately misleads people, saying it was one-sided and the government was not asked. The government declined to be interviewed, and every prosecutor who left to go into private practice typically boasts about their famous cases. Not one lists my case in their past. In the movie, even one guy from the government, Oliver Brown, states that the FBI came to him to intimidate him not to be in the movie. The producer states that the government DECLINED to be interviewed. Wikipedia created the opposite impression because the government controls it. They will not even reveal who edits the page to protect him from the lawsuit.

In the film, it is even said that in checking me out, Goldman Sachs replied that they believed they could crush me, but I usually won. I traded against all the big boys. They complained that I was correct ONLY because I had too much influence. I was even accused of manipulating the world economy because after they paid bribes for a guaranteed trade, they still lost. These people even tried to kill me. I was in a coma for several days, but I survived to their dismay. So, anyone who tries to disparage the forecast is typically on the payrolls of people who never want to meet.

They illegally held me in contempt for seven years on a statute that authorized a maximum term of 18 months. I was released only when I got to the Supreme Court, and they ordered the government to explain what was going on. They released me and told the Supreme Court the case was then moot. I would have died in prison if the Supreme Court did not order the government to explain. They had no problem violating every law to ensure my silence.

Even the Business Insider at least reported the truth. I was even thrown into the highest security alongside the World Trade Center Terrorist from the first Attack, sharing a cell with one. They told my family I was not there in the prison. It took finally a judge to order them to find me in prison, no less. I have witnessed every possible scheme. They are doing this same strategy to Trump, thinking they could discredit him and nobody will vote for him. But the latest poll shows that he now has a 49-point lead, and 60% of the people polled said they would vote for Trump. This is the standard campaign to try to discredit a person. They are scared to death of Trump, and they have been scared to death of the forecast of my model for their demise. It will happen if I exist or not.

Wikipedia refuses to publish the truth. Anyone who tries to correct the page is immediately removed. The Bank pled guilty and returned the money it stole from my clients, and my plea is I failed to tell my clients over a weekend that the bank stole the money for “it’s own benefit.” This is like you murdered your spouse, and I failed to tell the government you did that, so I go to prison for the murder.

My clients supported me. They refused to sign any criminal complaint against me. So the government and the bankers then put a gag order on me to prevent me from helping my clients sue the bank. You just cannot make up this stuff.

Wikipedia is now controlled by the Deep State, as is mainstream media. Here, the Founder of Wikipedia explains that it is no longer independent. ANYONE who tries to prevent anyone from looking at Socrates is part of the Deep State and the conspiracy against We the People. Look at what they have done to Julian Assange – total disgrace. They also intended to silence him as well. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the NEOCON, denied Australia’s insistence to end the prosecution against Assange. They are applying pressure now, and they may force the USA to yield, or they will not comply with the NEOCON demands.

These people are absolutely horrible. When you look into their eyes, all you see is hatred and coldness, as if they are devoid of anything but pure evil. The CIA tried to bribe analysts to change their conclusions on the lab leak over COVID. There is NOTHING that comes from the government anymore that can be trusted. This is all part of 2032.

Larry Sanger, one of the founders of Wikipedia, states plainly it is now all propaganda.




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