The ECM of Ancient Times

QUESTION: If I remember correctly, did you say that the 51.6-year cycle even applied to the wars of Athens in ancient times?


ANSWER: Yes, you have a good memory. Aegina fell to Athens in 456 BC in war. It won its independence again with the loss of Athens in the Peloponnesian War with Sparta in 404 BC after 51.6 years. Then, the next cycle on the 51.6-year model was 352 BC. This is when Philip II of Macedon, the father of Alexander the Great, drove the Phocians southward after his victory over them in the Battle of Crocus Field. This resulted in Athens and Sparta coming to the assistance of the Phocians to stop Philip again at Thermopylae, where the Persians were stopped. This time, instead of Sparta occupying the pass of Thermopylae, it was the Athenians.

Philip backed down from any advance into central Greece at this time.  However, Philip was seen as glorious since he avenged Phocian general Onomarchos’ plunder of the sacred treasury of Delphi at the Temple of Apollo to pay his mercenaries. This is why Philip II issued gold coins depicting Apollo. Philip crucified Onomarchos, and all the prisoners were drowned as ritual demanded since they robbed the Temple. Philip eventually conquered Athens in 338 BC.

Yet 51.6 years before 338 BC was 389 BC when the Athenian general, Thrasybulus, demanded tribute from the various Aegean city-states to support Rhodes, a democratic government, fighting against the communist state of Sparta. And 51.6 years before that, it was 442 BC when, politically, Pericles defeated Thucydides, becoming the unchallenged leader of Athens. Go back to another cycle, and you come to the first Persian invasion of Greece.

This cycle has existed throughout ancient times, proving it has incorporated economics, war, and climate. It appears throughout the Roman Empire as well.

Even the collapse of the Roman Monetary System unfolded as a waterfall, taking just 8.6 years.


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