Pentagon Study Finds Old Threat

Funded by the Pentagon, the RAND Corporation’s National Security Research Division published its annual report to note potential risks to national security. RAND researchers found that aging politicians may be a danger to the US. “Taken together, we believe that an increasing number of cleared personnel — that is, personnel who hold or have held security clearances — have or will have dementia,” concluded the RAND researchers.

Joe Biden has the codes to our nuclear weapons, allegedly, but can’t recall what he had for breakfast. McConnell has begun freezing amid conferences and everyone looks the other way. Feinstein relinquished the rights of her own estate because she doesn’t trust her current mental health. We’ve seen Biden make countless remarks about his handlers telling him where to go, who to call upon, and what to say. Yet even though these people work for us, they refuse to leave office.

Researchers found that aging US politicians have “difficulty remembering new information, poor judgment, impulsivity, disorientation, and behavioral changes.” We’ve seen the commander-in-chief exhibit all of these symptoms. The report notes that those with dementia are very vulnerable and may be targeted by an adversary. It is not possible for someone with this degenerative condition to hold onto classified information, let alone make informed decisions on behalf of the nation.

RAND researchers believe that the US government should codify a process to keep track of elderly individuals with security clearances to monitor them for symptoms of dementia. Our current Congress is the oldest in American history. The average Democratic senator is 65, while the average Republican senator is 63. Joe Biden became the oldest president of the United States at 77, and 77% of Americans believe he is simply to old for a second term. Dementia is a completely avoidable threat to national security if we hold elected officials accountable.

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