How to Trade & the Light At the End of the Tunnel

2032 Light End Tunnel

COMMENT: Hey, you always say that republican forms of government are terrible. So WHAT IS THE SOLUTION? What is better?

Also could you have Socrates’s create a list of all the things we could fix to be better for next time?

Why don’t you blog about solutions so we can set goals and move towards something positive!!!


REPLY: That is part of the WEC. I have laid out that there is hope ahead. But what you must understand is that the turmoil we are going through over the next few years is what causes the change. Republics are far worse than a Monarchy, for the Monarch cannot be bribed. Here, all the Pharmaceutical companies bought their absolute immunity even if they deliberately kill you as an experiment. Your “representative” did not represent you but them. When you have career politicians, they are no different than an aristocratic lord. When they are always in government, they pass laws under which they never have to live. They can illegally trade on inside information and walk on water like Pelosi. They go into those jobs that may pay minimal amounts so they do not appear to be the hatred “rich,” but all leave buying multi-million dollar homes. Just look at the Bidens. It is absurd, but they will never be prosecuted.

It may sound doom and gloom, but if you understand what is unfolding and governments will become more aggressive because they are all imploding, then you know what to expect and survive.

WEC 2023 How to Trade the Gaps

In addition to this year’s WEC, I will personally explain how to trade what lies ahead. You must understand the illusion of trading to make it through to the other side of 2032. This will be an interesting event and I trying to address those questions of doom & gloom and how to trade and invest on this road to 2032.

WEC 2023 The Road to 2032

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