Xi Cleans Up San Francisco


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The 2023 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference will be held in San Francisco this year. Those I know in the area have said their city seemingly changed overnight. The homeless mysteriously left, the litter had been cleaned from the streets, and urine and feces washed away. The graffiti has been covered, and roads have been repaved. The people of San Francisco can feel safe in their own homes for the first time in many years.

But this has happened many times over. I recall when Pope Francis came to visit Philadelphia. The homeless population magically disappeared and tent cities were dismantled. The city even funded rebuilding sections of the airport to make the city look safe and clean. A few weeks later, after the influx of Catholic tourists had left, the city reverted to the way it was before.

San Francisco has fallen. Crime is rampant, criminals are not prosecuted, and the cost of living has made it impossible for the average person to continue living there. Why pay for premium real estate in a city that is filthy and dangerous? Tourism is dead. Tax dollars have fled the city as those with the resources are fleeing. The city has been operating at an extreme deficit for many years as it continues throwing money at the drug and homeless crises rather than implementing fixes.

China’s Xi Jinping’s coming presence in San Francisco has promoted the government to reclaim the city. Clearly, they had the means to do this all along, but they would not have used those resources on US citizens. Numerous world leaders have commented that America has fallen. They have seen the condition of our current cities and realize that we are no longer the land of the free where the streets are paved in gold.

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