Beware May 7th, 2024

ECM Wave 2020 2028 Pi

QUESTION: Marty, Thank you for a fantastic conference. If it were not for your forecast that the dollar would rise and rates would rise, putting European banks in distress before the USA, you would have saved our company a fortune. I know it’s Socrates, but we still need you here.

Now that they have postponed the visa for Americans for a year, will you ever come to Europe to do a WEC?


2024 Russian Elections

ANSWER: Since the very day of the high in this ECM wave that peaks, May 7th, 2024, just so happens to be the very inauguration day for the next Russian President, I am considering having a short conference rather than a 3-day event. They are like putting on a wedding, for we have to provide all the meals and the cocktail party alone, and they charge $75 a head. Because of the importance of this turning point, economically and geopolitically, I am considering a condensed version in Europe, Dubai, or Mexico. I am working on those materials already since it raises some serious implications.

Remember that the Sovereign Debt Crisis, which has been brewing for years, is coming to a head post-2024.  China has already been selling off US debt. When there are no buyers, that is when it comes crashing down.



I neglected to tell everyone who attended and those who bought the materials that, as usual, there will be a year-end report. This will be put into the portal for download.


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