New York Loses $12 Million Per Day Due to Shoplifting

NYC Christmas

Gov. Kathy Hochul is a menace who is setting fire to what remains of the once beloved state of New York. Hochul is responsible for rule 2.13 and is one of the most obnoxious vaccine supporters on the world stage. Hochul is supported by the same people who donated to Andrew Cuomo, and she is full support of the Build Back Better agenda.

That is why she is passively allowing the state to burn. The light on crime policies has led to a drastic uptick in crime across the state. Both Republicans and Democrats attempted to pass a bill to curb theft but Hochul shot it down, stating the requested $35 million was not in the budget. Theft in NY has increased by 64% over the past four years.

In the city, Eric Adams recently declared that funding to the police department would diminish due to recent budget cuts. It is fair to say that they deliberately want to make the state a hostile environment as they are effectively warding off tourism and business development.


Recent data suggests that New York as a whole lost $4.4 billion in 2022 due to organized retail theft. This is not limited to NYC. Places like Syracuse reported a 55% rise in shoplifting over the past two years. “That number is likely higher because businesses often don’t report it — but they do continue to express concerns,” Syracuse Police Chief Joe Cecile said. One pharmacy in Syracuse lost a quarter-million alone due to theft. Store owners have been seriously assaulted or killed. Yet, Hochul believes there should be harsher penalties for the unvaccinated than for criminals.

So thieves are stealing over $12 million daily from New York retailers. The budget for a preventative organization (not that it is the solution) would be equivalent to a mere three days of theft. Thousands of people and their tax dollars have already fled the state due to their poor policies. The businesses are following, and what will be left? Government-run grocers and 15-minute cities? That is the ultimate goal behind allowing this type of crime to occur without punishment.

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