Ukraine Cannot Win


When I said that Ukraine had lost 100,000 soldiers DEAD, I got a rash of emails claiming I was spreading Russian Propaganda. Then the head of the EU said that in a speech, and Zelensky said it was classified and she had to take that out. Of Ukraine’s 700,000 army, more than 150,000 are DEAD, and nearly 300,000 have been injured. This is why Zelensky has been conscripting 16-year-old boys and, behind the curtain, insisting that the EU forcibly return all able-bodied people to the front line. My same RELIABLE sources have the number of dead and injured Ukrainians approaching 500,000. The battle for Bakhmut was senseless. Zelensky ordered soldiers to their deaths, all to pretend he was winning for fear that the money would stop flowing.

Ukraine not only blew up the Nord Stream, undermining the German economy and sending unemployment up from 4.7% to 5.8%. Zelensky denied that Ukraine blew up the Nord Stream.  Moreover, Ukraine has been behind the assassination attempts inside Russia. Zelensky has been desperate to create World War III. He shot a missile into Poland and tried to blame Russia. The Dutch Court covered up the shooting down of the Malaysian passenger jet when the Ukrainians tried to blame that on the Russian-Ukrainians living in the Donbas. Zelensky is trying to blow up the Turkish pipeline all to undermine the Russian economy with no regard for what that will do to Europe, whom he then demands more weapons and money.

The Neocons have to be removed from power. They have been trying to undermine Russia by cutting off its energy sales since 1980. They imposed sanctions on Poland and Russia while creating pipelines to send gas to Europe. They started the Syrian Civil War, and that was the arms dealings hidden by the Benghazi incident. They signed the pipeline deal from Nigeria to Europe 2 months before they directed the Ukrainians to blow up Nord Stream. Then the Niger coup stopped that pipeline, and Victoria Nuland urgently flew to Niger to try to save the pipeline. The Neocons will not stop, and they pull off these covert acts all outside of Congress, circumventing the Constitution with every breath they take.

They are behind the Middle East war to circumvent the Suez Canal in hopes of destroying that, rerouting everything through Israel to cut off all trade with Russia once again. When will the Ukrainians rise up and overthrow Zelensky, who has sold his country to the Neocons? It looks like his days are numbered as we head into 2024. The Ukrainian people have been played for fools. They have been the vanguard to die for the dreams of the Neocons, and what do they stand to gain? Absolutely nothing!


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