The Fate of the World – Answering Questions

COMMENT #1: Marty, I want to thank you for an excellent conference. I have attended every WEC since 2012. I did not make the 2011 one. Your sources are always the best. I want to thank you for your report on Israel for it said it all. There was advance information just as 9/11. Your report explained the backdrop, which you never get from mainstream media. I would vote for a London WEC after the May 7th turning point. All the events that have happened on the precise day of your Economic Confidence Model are just mindblowing. I hope Scotty does not beam you up. We need you for 2032.


REPLY #1: Nothing but nothing ever seems to be what it seems. You always have to pick up the rug and look for the dirt they swept beneath.

ECM 2011 2020 Detailed

ECM Wave 2020 2028 PiCOMMENT #2: I want to thank you for an enlightening WEC. The chief of staff from Congress attending your session on Saturday was very informative. I understand why you mentioned what he said about how things work that most people would never have believed if you said it. I have followed you since the 1980s. Your ECM has identified turning points to the day where nobody can argue there is no order to events. The wave that peaked in 2007.15 was the very day of the high in the Shiller real estate index, and we had the recession after that. It looks like a recession from 2024.35 into 2028.65.

REPLY #2: Yes, the ECM has impressed me. As I have said, I never expected to create a model that could forecast wars and major events. Even 9/11 took place on the precise target date. Hitler became chancellor on the precise day. The examples are endless—even the Battle of Actium between Octavian v Mark Antony & Cleopatra. We will enter a recession, but this one is more likely to be STAGFLATION, where the prices continue to rise, but the economic growth is below the inflation rate, much like the wave during the 1970s.

COMMENT #3: Thank you sincerely for another amazing WEC. I think that I’ve either attended (or bought tickets to get videos) for all WECs except for first one in Princeton in 2011(?) and maybe one or two in Europe.

In listening carefully, you said that you expect “news” in mid-December. Will they lock us down again?


REPLY #3 I reviewed several markets on the Private Blog, which you have probably seen under the title:

Ukraine on the Edge of Victory or Defeat

We have a Double Directional Change in gold during December as well.

COMMENT #4: As a retired Army Officer (1990) I am expected to be a “Soldier for life.” according to the Army Retirement publication called “Echos”. Well, the Retirement Services has a board that meets occasionally discussing retirement issues and does recommendations. Not one mention of the woke programs and their effects were mentioned on the possible issues facing recruiting.Based on my years of active-duty service, I can tell you the LGBQT indoctrination, and DEI forced training has a severe negative impact. I, in good faith, cannot recommend any service at this time. I told Retirement Services that.


REPLY #4: That was a stupid idea, just like putting transgener on a BudLight can. If you do not know who your customers are, you do not deserve to be in business. The US military made a major mistake with the vaccines and their WOKE programs.

COMMENT #5: The goldbugs are at it again, claiming that the UAE has shifted from US dollar pricing to local currency, and this will significantly impact the US dollar. It is always the same thing they have preached since 1971. The dollar must be destroyed, and only then gold will rise. They will never learn from their mistakes.


Valerian I AU Double Aureus bino and aureus

REPLY #5: They do not understand anything. The coins were gold and silver in 260 AD. But when the Roman Emperor Valerian I (253-260AD) was captured by the Persians, there was a financial panic, and bankers were uncertain if the coinage of Rome would still be valid. The coins in purchasing power were ALWAYS worth more than the metal content. The value of the Roman coinage was based on their economic power the same as the US dollar today. I seriously doubt the BRICS will finance the world as the NY bankers do and when they sell their debt, they come to NY and offer it in dollars.

Orlando 2023 22 USD 1

QUESTION #6: Dear Martin and the AE team,
Appreciate all that you do. Your expertise is understated!
My question is as follows: Are there any North American conferences that you are aware of that provide a similar experience to your WEC, specifically for individuals aged 14-25?
I understand that heads of state have attended Mr. Schwab’s educational facilities. However, our public and private education institutions for this demographic rarely offer outlets or activities to foster early interest in these areas or develop leaders who can make common-sense decisions. My concern is that the new generation is showing less interest in economic matters and more in social media and other fruitless pursuits, potentially steering us in the same direction that led to our current state.
Any suggestions about such conferences would be greatly appreciated. I do realize that I may need to take the initiative to develop one myself if very few options are available. I must say that this idea came about after watching you for many years. I am very inspired by your zeal, strength, and work ethic.
You never give up!
Thanks for everything you have contributed to the world. Your legacy will surely be one for the history books.
Kindest regards,

REPLY #6: We have been looking at perhaps an introductory session on economics streaming worldwide, sort of the counter-balance to what Schwab is doing pushing his version of Communism. It is on the bucket list. If there are those who want to help organize something like that, I would certainly entertain that idea.

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