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COMMENT #1: Hi, with regards to your recent post about the arrested healthcare worker in New Zealand. he brought to light that certain batches of the vaccine were extremely dangerous. Compared to others. He has all the data about the batches and who gave certain vaccines. Raising to light that certain individuals saw 20% of their injected population die shortly after their vaccination

COMMENT #2: Hi Martin
I live in New Zealand and have followed the recent Covid jab whistle-blower development. Despite a recent change in Government nothing has yet changed regards the Covid shambles in this country. However, a bigger issue that is fast developing is race relations in New Zealand as the new coalition Government reverses a lot of the previous racist laws providing the local Maori population (incorrectly referred to as ‘Indigenous People’) with preferential laws and public health services etc. I think this may ‘blow up’ sometime soon, but I’m unsure how big a deal this could be. So I’d be interested to hear what Socrates sees for New Zealand.

REPLY: We have a lot of readers in New Zealand. I, for one, do not pretend to have expertise in the medical field. What I do know is I do have direct sources who got phone calls in December 2019 stating “a virus is coming” one month before anyone ever heard of COVID. A virus is like a living organism. Once released, it will mutate to survive, just like politicians. Perhaps they come from the same source.

I was tested for COVID 5 times, always negative. My daughter insisted I go to the hospital to see the head of pulmonary. I told him it was not COVID since 5 tests were all negative. He replied we still think you had COVID because the tests are not valid.

I recently had the latest version of COVID. My doctor prescribed hydroxychloroquine, and when I first met her, she asked if I was vaccinated and I responded perhaps aggressively NO! She responded – GOOD!

government Bureacrats

What I have learned if the government gets involved, BEWARE! They will never admit a mistake and will always be unaccountable.

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