New Zealand Arrests Their Version of Snowdon who Exposed Deaths by Vaccine

NZ Version of Snowden

The number one reason I refused to get vaccinated was the fact that once the government got involved, there would NEVER be (1) any recourse but (2) no accountability.  I have worked with governments for over 40 years. NO government will EVER admit a mistake. Thus, once the government evolved, BEWARE!

Every politician who accepted ANY money from a Pharmaceutical company, directly or indirectly, should be removed from office. The head of Pfizer should be criminally charged and drug in front of the people in chains like a dog.

Thrasymachus Quote

New Zealand has shown it is no different from any ruthless governments throughout history. As Thrasymachus observed more than 2000 years ago, there is NEVER any justice or rule of law; it is only the self-interest of the government. Judges all the way down are tearing the very fabric of civilization apart at the seams. They will have no power when they lose the confidence of most people. Yet these fools rule in favor of the government and are blind to history, for they have crossed that fine line between tyranny and liberty.

Judge Illegal

New Zealand is prosecuting a healthcare worker for revealing the truth that nearly 20% of those vaccinated are dying or are dead. I would typically question if this is a valid number. It seems way too high for me. We have to look at the data before judging anything.

This is the problem when we can no longer trust governments. What is real and what is not? All I can say is that God help us through these ruthless dark times when governments have lost all sight of why they even exist. Remember one thing. If you lie to the government, you go to prison for five years. If the government lies to the people, anyone exposing that goes to jail for treason for 20 years or life.


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