Beware the 8th Decade


QUESTION #1: Marty, I watched Kim Inverson on the 8th decade of Israel and the legend that it will fall. There is nobody more qualified than you to speak on this subject. What do you think?


QUESTION #2: Hello, Ever hear of the Curse of the 8th Decade? It deals with Israel and its history. Here’s a 13-minute video with the lovely Kim Iversen about it:

ANSWER: Oh yes. But you have to read between the lines. If you look at this perspective, it is really an epitaph not on just the Jews but the world. I think Menachem Rahat’s article has really explained what I have termed “The Cycle of Division.” He quotes the former Tunisian President Habib Bourguiba:
“The Arabs should not fight Israel; the Jews in their internal quarrels will destroy themselves.” 
He also explains:
“But we must not be confused by the Palestinian criminal gangs. Ultimately, they are not the true threat to the sovereign Jewish state in Eretz Yisrael. Far more threatening and dangerous to our future is the division and polarization within Israeli society.”

Rahat points out that the first Jewish state, founded by King David, lasted only 80 years. In the 81st year, due to internal conflicts, the kingdom of the House of David disintegrated into the separate kingdoms of Yehuda and Yisrael. This was when the Ten Tribes of Israel scattered like the wind around the globe and never returned.

Alexander Jannaeus

Pompey Magus AR DenariusThen, the second Jewish state was the Hasmonean Kingdom during the Second Temple era. It existed, too, and lasted for only 77 years. The eighth decade erupted in civil discord, and the “representatives” of the two camps petitioned Pompey the Great (106-48BC), who was in Syria at the time, to make their leader the king of Jerusalem and transform Israel into a vassal state of Rome. And so the sovereign Hasmonean state became a degraded protectorate state of Rome. Winning the crown was more important than sovereignty. We see this today in the United States – Democrats vs. Republicans.

The 1949 establishment of the State of Israel, 75 years ago, is the third attempt to create a sovereign state of Israel. This is what some call the “curse of the eighth decade,” which took down the previous governments. There are devoted Jews who look at this and indeed fear the fall of Israel is just ahead.

Rahat points out that other nations have also experienced the “curse of the eighth decade,” referring to the American Civil War, which broke out 86 years after the adoption of the Constitution, Italy became fascist, and Germany became a Nazi state in their eighth decade after each nation’s unification. The Third Republic of France, founded in 1871, surrendered to the Nazi boot in 1940, in its eighth decade. Even communism in Russia, which was born in the 1917 Revolution, collapsed by 1991.

Nero as Caesar AR Denarius

Even looking throughout history, the Julian-Claudian Dynasty, which began with Augustus in 27BC, ended with the death of Nero in 68AD – which was 95 years followed by civil war. The victor was Vespasian, and when the last of his two sons died in 96AD, the Senate appointed one of their own Nerva (96-98AD). Again, it was about 95 years until the assassination of Commodus (177-192AD) and Rome erupted into another civil war. This time, the victor was Septimius Severus (193-211AD).

Interregnum Ӕ Sestertius

Then, following the death of Aurelian (270-275AD), there was no emperor for about six months. The Senate issued these bronze sestertius using the portrait of the idealized Genius representing the people of Rome about 86 years following the victory of Septimius Severus in 193AD.

Valentinian I Taxation Gold Bar Exaqium weights R

Fast forward 86 years again; this is when emperor Valens (364-378AD) opened the borders like Biden to the Goths. He would no longer accept the coinage of Rome and ordered all taxes to be paid in gold by weight. The coinage was clipped, and others were counterfeit. We also have the push to digital currencies and the end of cash, just like Valens. Within 6 years, the barbarians consumed the empire and even appointed puppet rulers. That will bring us to 2027 as we head into 2032.

Even applying this to the United States, the American Civil War was followed by 86 years, bringing us to World War II. Adding 86 years again brings us to 2032. The Cycle of Division is associated with civil unrest rather than international war. Just look at the debate between Newsome and DeSantis. Newsome’s wife took him off the stage. The debate revealed that this division within America is as fierce as the USA cannot survive, just as that which ended the Kingdom of David and scattered the Jews into the wind.  Lincoln House Divided

I have warned that our computer has assessed these events and has concluded the United States will divide and the left cannot live under the same roof as the right. The monumental difference is on the right; most conform to you leaving me alone, and I leave you alone. They cannot live on the left unless everyone complies with their views. Of course, there are extremists on both sides. I am speaking on the middle ground. The debate between Newsome and DeSantis reflected that the United States is by no means a unified country. We have come full circle. Lincoln’s statement that a “house divided against itself cannot stand.” This is what The Cycle of Division is all about. I find it curious that others have called this the curse of the 8th decade.

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