Dimon: Working Class Should Support Neocons


JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon believes Americans should be upset about their economic status, and does not understand why there is not more outrage. The billionaire in charge of the nation’s largest bank believes that electing Donald Trump in 2024 would be the worst financial decision for the working class. Why? Well, Trump has made it clear that he would aim to end the wars in Ukraine and Palestine.

“You’re all wealthy and have money and stuff like that, but their average wages are $15 to $20 [an hour]. They’re the ones who lost their jobs in COVID,” he said at the New York Times DealBook Summit. “They’re dying five or six years younger than the rest of us. They’re the ones who don’t have medical insurance. They’re the ones where their schools don’t work. They’re the ones dealing with crime. What the hell have we done as a nation?” Dimon believes the “bottom third” should be “pissed off” at the system. All statements seem fair, but his proposed solution only benefits those at the top.

The Davos regular declared that everyone, even the most liberal of Democrats, should support Nikki Haley in her presidential bid. Now that Mike Pence is out of the race, Nikki Haley remains the top Neocon in the GOP. We already know about the Ukraine Reconstruction Bank backed by BlackRock and JPMorgan Chase. Haley promised to bring the country into World War III by encouraging war with China, Russia, and “finishing” Palestine.


When the interviewer asked Dimon if he believed in an “anyone but Trump” voting policy, he personally said he wouldn’t say it aloud in case Trump is elected president. He does not believe that Trump’s supporters are smart enough to cast a vote. “I think what they’re [Trump supporters] looking at is saying the economy [was] pretty good. Even the Black community had the lowest unemployment rate ever in his last year. He wasn’t wrong about China. He wasn’t wrong about NATO. He wasn’t wrong about the misuse of the military.” So now it seems like a good idea for other NATO nations to raise their contributions. Concerns over China only promote fearmongering to push us into yet another war.

Speaking of China, Dimon said JPMorgan Chase would readily leave China if ordered to do so by the US government. Remember that this man is an elite who participates in top-level discussions behind the curtain. He is already preparing for a war with Taiwan. He then went on to claim that India, Japan, and the Philippines, all of China’s neighbors, are also “remilitarizing” in preparation.

The people should certainly be pissed off about inflation, but WAR is by large the most significant contributor to rising inflation. The Build Back Better crowd wants to spark civil unrest among those at the bottom while feigning concern. The bottom third that he mentioned would be better off throwing their wallets into the nearest trash can than casting a vote for a Neocon intent on supporting the people who want to control them.

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