New Zealand -WEF Favorite & the First to Fall?

Wellington New Zealand

COMMENT: RE: New Zealand Whistleblower
Dear Martin,
I live in Wellington, New Zealand. A government town, I guess New Zealand’s version of DC on a much smaller scale. I have worked for and with the government here up to the highest level and can attest to witnessing some of the corruption and ineptitude in the system.
Thank you for publishing what is going on here. Few people in New Zealand have the courage to speak up and when they do they are quickly knocked down. Under the previous administration led by Jacinda Ardern a culture of fear and division was created – “two classes of people” and my wife and I, choosing to be unvaccinated, have been on the receiving end of that.
There is a new centre-right government now but we don’t expect any meaningful change, there never is.The whistleblower is in court here in Wellington today and they will go hard to destroy him and his message. Brave man.
God Bless you and keep up the fight please – on behalf of us little people.
Kind Regards,

New_Zealand Y 12 3 23

REPLY: I have been to New Zealand and held speaking engagements there on several trips. I can’t believe how many people are writing in from New Zealand. I apologize I have not been the Australia/New Zealand in the past 5 years. Time flies, and the world keeps disintegrating. If NZ$ closed above 156 at year-end, it appears we have a brewing political crisis despite the overthrow of the WEF-installed government. The bureaucracy is well entrenched and despite the political change, it does not appear that this will reverse the direction of the country. Therein lies the problem.

I will be doing specialized reports around the world because the requests are coming in even from places like Bangladesh. It is becoming obvious that people around the world “feel” something is just not right. Governments will now do whatever they can to crush dissent and oppress the truth. Instead of arresting people at Pfizer, which they cannot do since so many funds from them, there is no putting this genie back in the bottle. The collapse in confidence of governments around the world is unfolding but by their own hand.


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