Separatist Movement Growing Also in Australia

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COMMENT:  I would love a report on Australia/NZ as well. Australia has a separatist movement – WA is sick of paying the most GST taxes to prop up other States, and actively talks of separating. NT & SA would align, this is historical too. Probably Vic & Tas amalgamate. And people would say this would not happen, but NSW & Qld come together (NSW used to incorporate the whole of Qld) and they have Rugby in common, not Aussie Rules. Interesting, maybe all current Commonwealth countries and the USA split. Regards from down under!



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REPLY: As you know, I have even lived in Sydney for a stint. I went up to Kakadu and hired a guide who was like Crocodile Dundee. We lived off the land, swam with freshwater crocs, and caught Baramundy from the South Allegator River while fighting off crocs who were looking to eat us for dinner. I have been to every nook and cranny in Australia when Ozies have never gone; just as few Americans visit the Liberty Bell if they live within 10 miles of it.

So, I am very well aware of the stark differences in attitudes and culture between the South, North, and the West. The same is true between North & South in the USA, Germany, Italy, Britain, and Ireland, just to mention a few. In places like Spain and Canada, it tends to be East vs. West. The entire Ukrainian war is all about the Minsk Agreement that was supposed to allow the people of the Donbas to vote on their separation from the Ukrainians who outright hate Russian-speaking Ukrainians. That too, is a separatist movement.

This separatist movement is rising exponentially. It is indeed the turmoil we have, for it will be 86 years (10 x 8.6) from the formation of the IMF, World Bank, and this globalist agenda by 2032.

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