Chuck Schummer is a Threat to the World

Schummer Chuck

The Republicans have blocked funding for Ukraine, demanding restraints on the unrelenting onslaught of illegal aliens. Chuck Schumer has put out the propaganda that will risk everything the world has worked for since World War II. The Democrats are on board with the Neocons. The only way they can continue this insane agenda as we watch the world rising up and turning against the left in Argentina, Brazil, and Germany as the Greens collapse to 7% approval ratings, even in Alberta, Canada, invoking the Sovereignty Act against Trudeau, they know their days are numbered. Trump is 47 points ahead of all Republicans, and if the election were today without illegal aliens voting, he would wipe the floor clean in Washington.

That said, the Democrats are desperate. Schummer astonishingly lied to the world, which promotes World War III, claiming that the Republicans daring to block funding for Ukraine and Israel means we are just a step away from letting Vladimir Putin “walk right through Ukraine and right through Europe.” Not only is Russia not interested in invading Europe. Communism fell, and they REFUSE to acknowledge that fact. The people overthrew Communism and have no intention of going back. They demonize Putin as propaganda for their agenda, as they have done to Trump, Saddam Hussein, Muammar al-Gaddafi, and Bashar al-Assad. That’s a psychological tactic to get people to hate their opponents.

What Schummer is really saying is the Democrats are desperate for votes. In other words, under no condition will the Democrats close the border. They intend to grant these people citizenship by executive order so they can win in 2024.

“Republicans just blocked a very much needed proposal to send funding for Ukraine, funding for Israel, humanitarian aid for innocent civilians in Gaza, and funding for the Indo-Pacific,” Schumer said.“If there is a word for what we most need now, it is to be serious.”

They know the tide is turning. Their policies have reduced the living standards for everyone and increased crime. Just wait until we have terrorist attacks next year, thanks to the open borders. The 49-51 vote reflected this disconcerting trend within Congress that has become a source of distress for the Neocons and their puppets – the Democrats. When Russia first invaded Ukraine in February 2022, aiding Kyiv was a bipartisan project. In May of that year, a $40bn Ukraine aid package sailed through the House with a vote of 368-57 and the Senate with a vote of 86 -11.

Many ask me if I will attend the New York Annual Coin Show. The answer is NO WAY! The days of New York City are over. Wall Street is quietly moving to Miami. They tax everything, reform nothing, and the city is in its final stages of decline and fall, following the same path as the collapse of Rome, the city itself. They are swapping economic-producing people they overtax for the unskilled people who have flooded in for free food.

They will now impose a Congestion Tax using the excuse of cleaner air when they are just broke. What’s next? Taxing you for breathing out CO2 to prevent climate change? New York City just voted to slash funding for sanitation. So we get cleaner air and dirty streets? New York City is now a breeding ground overrun with rats, historically the source of plagues. The police budget is declining by $5.6 billion as well at a time when crime is through the roof and the city’s infrastructure is crumbling as busloads of illegals arrive daily. Sorry, last year, two coin dealers were robbed. If you buy anything there, you pay sales tax if you leave with it, so this is taxation without representation.

Hoover Barn Rat

I prefer to stay clear of NYC. When Sshummer, Hochul, and AOC represent it, it is like a foreign country.  Marxism has consumed politics in New York, and the people, with their politicians, refuse to open their eyes to see the decline and fall unfolding. NYC’s days are numbered. Just like Rome, when they opened the border during the reign of Valens, it took at best 6 years for the city to collapse. Representatives throughout the Thirteen Colonies met in New York City in 1765 to organize resistance to Crown policies. That was 258 years ago, and 3 x 8.6 = 25.8. NYC is doomed. The charges against Trump can be brought against any company in New York, whoever borrowed. They can now claim you overvalued your collateral to get the loan as if the Bank does not have its own appraisers. The hatred for Trump by Democrats in NYC reminds me of Herbert Hoover’s apology in his memoirs. They are desperate for money. They will take what they do to Trump and apply it to other companies for the big bucks. If you have property in NYC – it’s time to sell. You are better off just renting if you cannot leave.

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