Britons Urged to Prepare for Cyber Attack or Power Grid Failure


Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden has urged Britons to stockpile batteries, candles, torches, and radios to prepare for a possible cyber attack or power grid failure. Dowden claims that the public has become too dependent on electronics and must learn to survive without electricity. The government plans to launch a “resilience academy” to train individuals and businesses to prepare for such disasters.

Russia pushed Ukraine off the grid earlier in the war and blocked their access to the internet (war crime according to the MSM) and Israel did the same to Palestine (not a war crime according to the MSM). We have seen hackers from Iran break into US infrastructure such as waterways, as the enemy need not be your direct neighbor. The risk of cyber warfare that attacks a nation’s infrastructure is no longer a conspiracy theory but an event the public must prepare to combat.

DOS Cyber Attack

We have also recently seen governments block their own people from the internet or implement temporary power outages to preserve their failing grids. It is concerning that some politicians are saying that we must prepare for natural disasters that could have the same impact. Labour frontbencher Pat McFadden used the topic to discuss energy usage among the “public estate.” “Why is it that the government’s new policy is to roll back on the transition mandated by its own legislation for net zero, and prolong a reliance on international fossil fuel markets? For these failures, the British public has paid a heavy price,” he commented.

Interestingly, they are still pushing for a cashless society despite these risks. Britons have been warned that there is a good chance something will occur that knocks them off the grid. The fact that they’re even suggesting battery-powered radios means they believe there is a chance that the grid could be down for an extended period of time and all communications will come to a standstill. The government would not be warning the people to stockpile CANDLES if they didn’t know of a serious threat lurking around the corner.

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