Viktor Orbán Tries to Save Europe from World War III

EU on Ukraine Talks 12 23

Europe is desperate to commit geopolitical and economic suicide. They have bullshitted the people all along, and all they are interested in is creating war to devastate Europe a third time simply as the excuse to cover up the economic failure of the Euro and the fiscal mismanagement of the economy. All world leaders have been borrowing endlessly with absolutely NO INTENTION of ever paying off what they borrowed. These elites NEVER represent the people. They are putting all the lives of Europe and the world at risk – for what? Not a single one of these politicians will ever even consider peace. Rome had peace for 1,000 years BECAUSE everyone benefitted economically. These morons do the opposite imposing sanctions on people if they do not do as they command.

Merkel_Minsk_Buy_Time_to Prepare for wart

Europe has wanted war with Russia from the start. They negotiate in BAD FAITH to stall Russia so Ukraine could build an army and wage war against Russia to weaken it first BEFORE NATO finds the excuse to justify invading Russia. Where it was once Khrushchev saying he would bury the West by spreading communism, now, even though communism collapsed all by itself, the West has not abandoned the Cold War. It is on the very same mission to “spread” democracy to the world when we do not even have democracy – we are under a dictatorship pretending to be a republic representing the people when they represent only their own thirst for power. Russia would be a fool to negotiate with the West when they do not honor their agreements. This is why 2032 is necessary.


Here you have Hillary Clinton, a real warmonger who wanted to draft girls back in 2016 (which was why three girls in our office voted against her calling her a female Nazi). Listen to her. She states that Afghanistan is the “model” to suck in Russia, use the Ukrainians as bait, keep funding them to die for her agenda and weaken Russia. The agenda has never changed. They have sought to seize Russia and all its wealth since 1998, and their attempt to blackmail Yeltsin to seize control by installing their puppet Berezovsky. They even tried to get me to invest $10 billion into this scheme. When I refused, Berezovsky even called me personally. Over 500,000 Ukrainians are dead on the battlefield, their country destroyed, and between 8 to 10 million have fled to Europe, all to seize Russia in this endless war.

Hillary said they did not expect Ukraine actually to defeat Russia. She also skips over the “unintended consequences” of Afghanistan, like the Taliban turning our weapons on Americans and, of course, 9/11 and the Iraq War. That’s a lot of “unintended consequences” that she pushes aside. So how many dead Ukrainians will this unintended consequence result in or the millions of Ukrainians who have fled to Europe with no intention of returning?

Zelenskyy Johnson

viktor orbanViktor Orbán is the ONLY leader trying to save Europe from these Neocon warmongers. Russia is on the verge of total victory in Ukraine. So, the EU is desperate to try to rush Ukraine into the EU and then NATO. This proxy war, which has devastated Ukraine and sacrificed its people on the Neocon altar of world domination, has placed the US and the EU, along with NATO, in a difficult position. After all the propaganda about Russia and Putin as the aggressor, it has been the West that does not want peace, as evidenced by even the Ukrainian press reporting that the purpose of Boris Johnson’s visit was to make sure there would be no peace agreement. EVERYTHING we have been told is an absolute lie. The Russian people do not want war any more than the average European or American. Politicians always create war, and they ALWAYS lie about everything. They tried to take over Russia and even tried to bring it into NATO. This set in motion the 1991 collapse.

Clintons Russia Coup

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