Has Europe Just Committed Suicide?

Merkel_Minsk_Buy_Time_to Prepare for wart

Europe has laid the groundwork for World War III and the destruction of Europe as a whole, all to save its failed fiscal management of the economy. Using the Ukrainian war that the West instigated by promising democratic elections to the Donbas in BAD FAITH just for being Russian, the European Union Council adopted a 12th sanctions package against Russia. This time, they sealed the fate of the world and Europe by also announcing that the end of this contrived Ukrainian war would not be lifted after the conflict ended. From the very beginning, Europe negotiated in BAD FAITH with the intent of creating war. They promised to allow the Donbas the dignity and respect every human society deserves – the right to determine their own fate by a free election.

The Donbas was to be allowed to vote on their independence all because Nikita S. Khrushchev had merely redrawn borders for administrative purposes, designating that they would be governed from Kiev. The New York Times has put out real propaganda just as they once hailed Stalin as the economic model for the United States back during the Great Depression. When Gareth Jones (1905-1935) in March of 1933 exposed the New York Times reporting as propaganda, the truth finally began to appear. However, it still took the New York Times until 1990 to admit they engaged in fake news pushing communism on America. The NYT wrote that their reporting on the Russian Revolution constituted “some of the worst reporting to appear in this newspaper.” Their journalist Duranty even supported Roosevelt’s New Deal. He helped install drastic progressiveness in taxation. This time, the New York Times outright lied:

“Mr. Putin is repeating his longstanding argument that Ukraine’s borders are an artificial creation of Soviet planners who unjustly cordoned rightful Russian land within the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.”

Is the New York Times just cheering on World War III in hopes of resurrecting a totalitarian state in the aftermath?

Mariupol_Maps Ukraine

Anyone with any sense of history knows that there was NEVER a Ukraine, and the border of Russia under the Tsars was the Dnieper River. The very name “Ukraine” means borderland. They joined with Hitler, who promised them their own country upon his victory. Kiev was the birthplace of the Rus (Russians), whose city was destroyed by the Mongol invasion of 1240AD. They were dispersed, and eventually, Moscow began to rise as a city. The Ukrainians are no different from the Iraqi Kurds and Iraqi Turkmen, who are minorities in Iraq, where the majority are Arabs. The Kurds also want their own country.

Ukraine Map

This is why, to this very day, much of Eastern Ukraine is still the homeland of Russians who were promised to be able to hold their own election to separate from Ukraine to rejoin their own ethnic people. It was Khrushchev who redrew the borders, as Putin stated during the Soviet Union period.

Khruschev Brezinski

Not only did Khrushchev rise through the ranks to head Russia after being in charge of rebuilding Kiev after World War II, but his successor, Brezhnev, was born in the Donbas, which the West wants to now claim is Ukraine to provoke war.

Volodymyr nthe Great

There are NO Ukrainian coins. The earliest coins of Kiev are that of the Rus or Russians. After the fall of Kiev to the Mongols in 1240, there were no coins again issued for centuries. Money became foreign Byzantine coins until 1453 or silver ingots known as hryvnias. During World War I, there was a brief attempt West of the Dnieper River, creating the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917 to 1921. This involved some paper money that was briefly issued. The first coinage of Ukraine as a nation was in 1992. Because the Rus displayed a trident on their coinage going back to the 10th century, today, the Ukrainians try to claim they were their coins, but this was just not true.

The Ukrainian war is for the territory that was NEVER occupied by Ukrainians, which amounts to a territorial grab promoted by the West to create war with Russia. It would be as if Mexico seized Texas and then outlawed English as a language. Over 500,000 Ukrainians have died in these proxy war games waged by the West. Merkel has so much blood on her hands that it will NEVER be washed off. She will go to her grave with the stain of so many people who have died for her treachery. Is it truly worth the destruction of Europe all for this nonsense of personal hatred of Russians because they were once communists? Or is this really just a cover-up for the economic collapse of a failed Western economy that borrows every year with no intention of ever paying off any such debt? Every nation that has engaged in a revolving debt scheme has collapsed when it can no longer sell new debt to pay the old.

The Ukrainians hate Russians so profoundly that they have outlawed their religion, and now Ukraine has even abandoned Eastern Orthodox Christianity. They have now announced that Christmas will be that of Western Christianity – December 25th. Whatever they can do to offend every Russian living in what they claim is Ukraine, they are doing, and the West supports this abuse, even denying the freedom of religion. All of this is because the West needs war as the excuse for the collapse of the monetary system.

The people of Russia never wanted to return to the days of the Soviet Union. Once they tasted freedom, all the propaganda that Putin wanted to resurrect the old Soviet Union was just nonsense. Rome was the greatest empire ever to exist, with decades of peace because everyone benefited from the common market. Europe has chosen hatred rather than prosperity driven by the Neocons, who now also control NATO. The future is being determined right now. Europe has just condemned its own people to war. For what? To deny the people of the Donbas what the West had promised under the Minsk Agreement? Or are they, too, just pawns in this game to retain power?


The new sanctions package they recently announced includes a ban on the import, purchase, or transfer of diamonds from Russia beginning on January 1, 2024, and tightens enforcing a Western price cap on Russian oil at $60 a barrel. Worse still, they have violated international law and set a highly dangerous precedent whereby some 61 people and 86 Russian companies were also sanctioned that will never be lifted even if the war ends, according to a list published by the European Commission. They have even sanctioned Putin’s cousin, Anna Tsivileva, and the son of former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Ilya Medvedev. If there is a dispute between countries, this precedent destroys the rule of law and the world economy. So if a war between the US and China unfolds, then each side can confiscate the assets of private citizens based entirely on their race and ethnic background. They imprisoned the Japanese who grew up in America during World War II based entirely upon their ethnicity – History indeed repeats.

ECM Wave 2020 2028 Pi

The world economy has been torn to shreds. It will NEVER return before 2032. We are looking at the economic decline our Model warns will unfold between May 7th, 2024, and 2028 as we head into 2032. The leaders of the West are NOT interested in peace. They are brainwashed by the Neocons and NATO, which has been scared to death that peace with Russia makes them irrelevant. So, to retain all the jobs in NATO, their self-interest is always to talk up war. Peace means they are no longer relevant or necessary.

Intl War Index 12 30 22

Pax Romana 2This is NOT my personal opinion. If I could stop it, I certainly would. Our leaders are playing with more than fire; they are playing with the destruction of Western Society as we have known it since the end of World War II. These stupid sanctions have ensured that globalization has come to an end. It was that economic interconnection that created the countless years of peace under the Roman Empire – Pax Romana. The cornerstone of civilization is free trade. When everyone benefits by joining together, the economy expands, and peace flourishes.

What our illustrious leaders are doing is following the Neocon recipe for war. Impose sanctions, wage economic war, and the people will overthrow their governments. The Russians and Chinese are NOT stupid. They know who is waging this economic war, and it is the West. The West has undergone a coup like Rome many times. The Neocons are in complete control of the White House and the EU, not to mention the NATO – The North American Terrorist Organization. These people are trying to conquer the world, not much different than the ambitions that drove Alexander the Great (336–323BC), Hannibal (221–202 BC), Julius Caesar (58-44BC), Attila the Hun (434-453), and Genghis Khan (1206-1227), Napoleon (1799-1815), Adolf Hitler (1934-1945), and Josef Stalin (1924-1953).

72 USA Revolution Extended Raised

1833 Russia 12 Roubles PlatinumCyclically,  2024 is right on schedule with Russia’s 72-year revolutionary cycle. Many have dreamed of the conquest of Russia, for it is one of the wealthiest nations in natural resources, which includes gold, platinum, and diamonds. Russia produced platinum coins between 1828 and 1845. No Western Nation was ever able to produce Platinum coinage.

Indeed, just before the Communist Revolution of 1917, Russia had the largest gold reserves of any nation on earth. Kolchak Alexander VasilyevichFor nearly 100 years, people have been searching for those gold reserves, which weigh nearly 500 tons (a ton equals 32,150.7 troy ounces of gold). That is 16,075,350 ounces or $32.150 billion at $2,000 an ounce. The Russian Empire’s gold reserve fell into the hands of Alexander V. Kolchak in November of 1918 when he overthrew the government in Siberia supported by the Triple Entente allies. Kolchak was the leader of the White Anti-Bolshevik movement in Siberia during the years of the Russian Civil War. The gold was transported from the capital, Petrograd, during WWI because of the German threat of invasion of the city.

Kolchak’s gold, as it has been called, has been looked for on the Yamal Peninsula. Others suggest carts with Kolchak’s gold might have been found in the Altai Region. Still, others have said that Kolchak’s gold was dropped into Lake Baikal. These headlines have been following the search for the Russian Empire’s gold.

Lithuania Map

For the first time since World War II, German troops have crossed Poland, moving to Lithuania to defend the border with Belarus/Russia being stationed there until 2027. NATO cannot admit Ukraine as long as it is at war. Therefore, NATO is seeking to create the same situation in the Baltics, and the people of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are now to be sacrificed on the altar of the Neocons along with the more than 500,000 dead troops of Ukraine and the 8 to 10 million Ukrainian refugees who have fled to Europe with no intention of returning home.

Estonia has passed the same law as Ukraine, outlawing the Russian language to discriminate against the Russian population that lives there. Can you imagine if the US outlawed Spanish or Canada outlawed speaking French? This is a deliberate act to invoke a response from Russia as they did to the people in the Donbas.  NATO wants war, and they are determined to create World War III. Nobody is interested in peace whatsoever.

Lithuania is now considering imposing a “WAR TAX” on its people, as reported by the local press- BNS. Yet, BNS interviewed 16 economists, who agreed that increasing defense funding is necessary. However, they disagree on whether it needs a separate tax, with only five supporting that. This tax they seemed to foolishly tell the people they are seeking to boost their deterrence capabilities, insisting that it will not be possible to rely on borrowed funds alone.

News agency BNS asked sixteen economists and experts to evaluate the defense tax idea this year. Five would tend to support it; eight believe that a separate tax is not necessary. BNS also noted that the tax can be debated, but would the taxes collected be used transparently and according to the intended purpose? Another emphasized the priority is to have not only resources but also robust and efficient government institutions.


1 Kohl Dictator

Death of EuroThe design of the Euro was unsustainable in the long term. The ONLY way the Euro could have competed with the dollar was to consolidate the debts. However, Chancellor Kohl knew he would have lost 7:1 had he allowed the German people to vote on joining the Euro. So, he admitted he denied any democratic principle, took Germany into the Euro, and denied the people a right to vote, so the compromise was that there would be no debt consolidation. I know since the commission came to our 1998 London Conference, and I warned them there would NEVER be a single interest rate in Europe, for the members would be no different from the states in the USA – each pays a rate based upon their credit score.

Unfortunately, now, with debt crumbling beneath the surface, they need to escape responsibility for the coming sovereign debt crisis. The way to do that is W A R! They are pushing hard to get Sweden into NATIO.

This is the unspoken agenda. Sadly, these politicians in power do not care about the people. There are too many of us anyway, according to Bill Gates. They are deliberately seeking to use the Baltics to try to get Russia to take the bait to justify World War III. NATO is also expanding its authority to Asia, knowing that this will be a war between the West, Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran, just for starters.

Kaja KallasThe small nation of Estonia is also desperately trying to sacrifice its people for NATO and the Neocons. Prime Minister Kallas is using Estonia’s strategic position to further this proxy war with Russia. She has outright stated that negotiating a peace deal with Putin is off the table. She is willing to sacrifice her own people for personal safety before she gets a free flight to the USA.

For us, it is important to not make that mistake again like we did in Crimea, Donbas, Georgia,” she said. “We have done the same mistake already three times, saying that, you know, negotiations, negotiated peace is the goal. … The only thing that Putin hears from this is that ‘I can do this because no punishment will follow.’”

She deliberately fails to mention the Minsk Agreement and how the West negotiated peace in BAD FAITH because this has been the intention from the very start – to create World War III to end democracy and move to a totalitarian state proposed by Klaus Schwab and the end of the United States as a super-power as all power is then usurped into the United Nations who will emerge as the great peacemaker.





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