May 2024 & the WHO


Historically, the mindset from the very beginning of the United Nations has been this theory that a one-world government will end all wars. This has even been expressed directly by Julian Huxley, one of the founders. In fact, I had deep conversations with Maggie Thatcher about this and how the EU was proceeding with the very same theory. She understood that the Euro was not about currency and trade; it was about usurping power to dominate over Europe with centralized control. They have long held a bias toward allowing the people to actually have any vote in government. That’s why we vote only for a “representative,” and we are never allowed to vote on taxes or war. We certainly have no right to vote for this next covert tyranny under the World Health Organization.



Here is a video of former French President Hollande and German Chancellor Merkel explaining that the very purpose of the EU was to create a single government to prevent European war – not a single currency. This is the very same theory being rolled out by the UN, using climate change as the excuse to become the overruling power because no single country can solve the problem. It will take a global effort. Realizing that this is a difficult objective, they are now using their World Health Organization to scare the hell out of people, and they will dictate to all countries that will
justify locking people down when, in fact, this is all about their deep concern about rising civil unrest in the fact of a sovereign debt crisis when they can no longer sell new debt to pay off the old.

California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CSTRS) is the second-largest pension fund in the USA. They are in trouble with the same problem that took down banks that invested long-term before interest rates rose. CSTRS wants to borrow more than $30 billion to help it maintain “liquidity” without having to sell assets off its long-term bond at a 30-40% loss. According to a new policy, CSTRS’ investment committee also invested in green because that was fashionable. While they say go WOKE = BROKE, the same is applied to going GREEN.

If approved, the policy will allow CSTRS to borrow as much as 10% of the roughly $318 billion portfolio to be able to meet withdrawals. Naturally, this proposal also calls for leverage to be used “on a temporary basis to fulfill cash flow needs in circumstances when it is disadvantageous to sell assets.” This is just the tip of the iceberg.

ECM Wave 2020 2028 Pi

The goal here is to use the World Health Organization to provide the mechanism to justify quarantine camps as New York State was authorized, and this final draft to the World Health Assembly is to come in May 2024 in conjunction with the turn in our Economic Confidence Model. As I have pointed out, whatever takes place on the precise day has tended to be the most important focus. Here, in addition to this WHO tyranny, it is the precise day that whoever is elected as the President of Russia will be sworn in precisely on the day of the ECM.

2023_02_21_Putin_Speech 2

When it comes to this WHO proposal for a world dictatorship under the pretense of caring about our health when the stats show that sudden deaths may reach 17 million people worldwide who were vaccinated with this gene therapy rather than a traditional vaccine. Ironically, our greatest hope is for Putin, and the former Eastern Communist states to reject WHO, for these people know tyranny firsthand. Friends I have from Eastern Europe who moved to the USA all say the same thing – this is what they fled.

It is hard to say what the significance of this turn will be in the ECM. I certainly hope Putin survives, for if one of the hardliners gets the Presidency of Russia on any excuse of sudden health issues, then we will pit their Neocons against our Neocons, and we will be caught in the middle. On the other hand, those in Eastern Europe and Russia are showing resistance to the surrender of sovereignty to the WHO.

The WHO is already calling this surrender of sovereignty fake news. It will NOT function that whoever is there in the White House is compelled to carry out the orders of the WHO. There is no enforcement power in the US to date, so it is not a surrender of sovereignty on some unwilling basis. The Biden Administration will sign because it will provide them the excuse to create quarantine camps and restrict travel as we see the Democrats doing with the New York legislation Rule 2.13 – Isolation and Quarantine Procedures.


Coxey & His ArmyThe first march upon Washington emerged following the Panic of 1893, known as Coxley’s Army. This was a group of unemployed men who marched during the depression year of 1894. Jacob S. Coxley (1854-1951) was a businessman in Ohio whose idea was that the government should provide employment through creating Public Works. His ideas were eventually incorporated into Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal and became the WPA in 1935.

Coxley set out for Washington on March 25th, 1894, with about 100 men and arrived there on May 1st with about 500 who had joined. Coxley’s First Amendment rights were, of course, violated, for they arrested him for walking on the grass, pretending it had nothing to do with his march. This is what they do. They are doing this to Trump right now, charging him with an assortment of things that are all intended to suppress his right to run for president and to deprive us of our right to vote.

This is how the government will use the WHO recommendations claiming you have violated health issues to imprison you and strip you of your First Amendment right to free speech and assembly. If Trump were President, he would not be compelled to follow the WHO even if Biden signed the treaty. This is why they are trying to get this through come May 2024 just in case Trump becomes president next January. It is alarming that this aligns with our Economics Confidence Mode.



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