We Will Prevail No Matter What – Governments Better Learn from History

COMMENT: Hi Martin,

We can now see insanity developing to the full.  As you or and Socrates predicted. The curtain has been pulled somewhat but we have not yet seen the wizard completely. We can clearly see  some of its agents. Anyway. Not all seems to be  lost in the process. I notice a growing resistance and luckily some the brightest are amongst them. I understand this is a cyclical thing in humanity. I do wonder how bad it will be this time around. We need more involvement of women. Their strength has not yet been awakened enough.  All these jokes of women that are now in power can be restrained by the real  feminine spirit. When I was a girl me and my sisters watched the series ‘Ivanhoe’, which inspired us to take out the  copper rods of the stair case and mimic a sword fight. No we were not misgendered. Girls also like a fight. They just have different methods certainly when they grow up.

Happy new year to you and fasten up your seat belt.



Martin Armstrong Margaret Thatcher

REPLY: I have met many women in governments around the world. I must say, since 2000, there has been a trend where those who rise to power are not the strong, independent type, male or female. Those who rise are those who conform. The days of Margaret Thatcher are long gone. Maggie understood the shenanigans behind the Euro. It was the men who staged a coup against her because they were the conformists. They were perfectly willing to surrender the sovereignty of Britain to Brussels, all on the theory that a one-European government would end the war and a single currency would promote European central control.


People are waking up. That is part of the cycle into 2032. As they awake, those in power will scream and fight, for this is all about them retaining power – not what is good for the country and certainly not the people. This is why we must go through their treacherous times. In the end, we will win because they are actually nothing without the people. When Ayn Rand wrote Atlas Shrugged, the left hated it. It was raining on their Marxist idea of utopia.

Many ask me: How can Socrates forecast civil unrest and outcomes with such accuracy?  What I have tried to explain is that history is a map of the future. People wrongly assume that we are technologically advanced, so history is just about a lot of people chucking spears and running around in sheets. They are focused on the technology rather than the events and the people. The one thing that ensures history will ALWAYS repeat is that human nature never changes.

Stasr War Vader

For example, if you knew your history, you would instantly spot that Star Wars was simply a modern revision of the Roman Revolution. Instead of swords, they are now light sabers. They are fighting for the Republic against the evil Emperor.

Roman Rebellion of the Plebs Lanatus

Second Roman Revolution in 495/494BC.

Agrippa Menenius LanatusThis is what we will see as more and more people open their eyes. As in Rome, the Revolution of the Plebs during the 5th century BC was when the common people revolted and just walked out. A series of clashes erupted in the Second Roman Revolution in 495/494BC. The plebs were even talking about assassinating the consuls. Instead, the plebeians vacated the city and marched to the Sacred Mount (Mons Sacer) outside the city. The Senate suddenly realized that without the plebs, there was no economy. The ancient version of Atlas Shrugged. They dispatched Agrippa Menenius Lanatus, who had been a consul that the plebs well respected. He explained that they were the belly and the limbs of society and that they also would starve. He explained that both needed each other.

Tax RobberyThe plebeians agreed to negotiate for their return to the city but insisted they would have special tribunes to represent them. That was the birth of the Tribune of the Plebs. However, no member of the senatorial class would be eligible for this office, and the tribunes should be above everyone else. Nobody could touch them, not even the Consuls. The senate agreed to their terms, and the people returned to the city. Thus, this was a bloodless revolution.

These people look at us with such disdain. We are to be exploited for their unbridled power. There is no economy without the people. That is why this Great Taking is so wrong. To retain power, they need the military. If those in the military refuse to fire on the people, as was the case in Russia when Yeltsin stood on the tank, then the Russian coup collapsed.

There are limits to their power. They are ignorant of that fact, for when they are on top, they cannot see how they will fall – but they always do. This is what 2032 is all about. They WILL FAIL, and the PEOPLE will ultimately prevail. We will get to redesign government, and this time, let us learn from the past – just for once!


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