ECM – the Secret Cycle – It Covered Even Poland

Poland ECM 1989 2041

COMMENT: Name: Dear Martin
Re your Blog: Poland’s New Government, Pro-War, Pro-EU
I kept a copy of your blog ‘Poland & Niger ‘ Posted Aug 9, 2023.
along with a screen-shot of the August projected ECM for Poland highlighting October 26th as the next turning point:

2023 10 26 Poland_s_new_parliament_to_convene_on_November_13_president_English_Section_
FYI, it was this day that President Duda called for a new Polish parliament to convene after the October 15th elections, one to be led by former (unelected) EU President Donald Tusk. It is not a complete Left turn, more of a veering Left, as he needed to form a coalition in order to form a government.

However, Tusk’s first port of call was the European Commission, where a previously withheld grant of 59 Billion Euro was waiting for him, once Poland had complied with European Commission directives – which Tusk is keen to do.
I fear for Poland’s future and fear we are being sold down the river as the next buffer in line after Ukraine has lost the next batch of 500,000 drafted soldiers.

Thank you for all the work that you have put into Socrates; its projections are amazing.


Letter Armstrong to Reagan October 1985 With Photo

Sprinkel 11081985REPLY: It has been a fascinating discovery that has targeted so many things precisely to the very day. In 1985, I was called in for they were looking to create the G5, which became the Plaza Accord that set out to force the manipulation of the dollar lower to help reduce the trade deficit. I wrote even to President Reagan at the time.

1985EconomistAdd Full RI even took the back page of the Economist in July 1985 for three weeks to announce that the model had forecast that was the end of deflation, the peak in the dollar, and the low in gold. For 40 years, I have been trying to demonstrate that this model confirms that there has been a business cycle that can be projected decades in advance.ECM 1987 Crash to 1994 Dow Low

From the 1985 low in our model, which projected the peak in the dollar, the next turning point was 1987. That produced the 1987 Crash precisely to the day, and then the next turning point not only pinpointed the peak in the Japanese economy and the Bubble Top in their share market but projected the collapse of Communism as well. The Pi Target produced the day of the ERM Crisis in Europe, and then the wave ended in 1994.25, and once again, that was the precise day of the low in the US share market. That projected the shift of the capital flows, which initially moved from Japan to South East Asia. Still, the capital flows returned to the USA and Europe, anticipating the coming Euro in 1998.


I was stunned when the 1987 Crash happened precisely on that day. Because the low was the very ECM date of October 19th, 1987, I told clients that the low was in place and we would make new highs going into the next turning point, 1989.95. That forecast was also correct, even though many thought it was crazy and impossible. The banks attributed the model’s accuracy to my influence simply because my firm was the largest institutional adviser worldwide. They complained to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, who even subpoenaed me, demanding I turn over a list of all my clients worldwide and they would prove I was manipulating the world economy. I defended against them in court and won.

ECM Wave 1994 2002 R

The next wave, #932, covered 1994.25 to 2002.85. The US share market bottomed on the precise day 1994.25; it rallied and peaked precisely on July 20th, 1998, and bottomed on 2002.85, three days after that target. This wave saw the Asian Currency Crisis as a turning point, the collapse of Russia 1998, taking down Long-Term Capital Management, and the Pi Target produced the precise day of the 9/11 attack. So, this was an incredibly accurate wave.

1 ECM Collage Banner

NewYorker CoverI am working hard on trying to finish the book on this model. I am trying to go through the waves and to show there is a hidden order behind what people think is just this random walk theory, which was devised by people who could not comprehend cycles. As I have said many times in school, they said the economy is random so that the government can manipulate us at will – i.e., Keynesian economics. But that has failed, and I hope to get this out, documenting that the global economy is not random. Everything is connected, and we must start looking at the accuracy of this model that the New Yorker Magazine called The Secret Cycle.

It is about time we take that small step forward for mankind. If we understand how we are all connected, including climate and disease, then maybe we would stop this insane one-dimensional analysis that plagues humanity – oh, it has warmed since 1850, so it must be fossil fuels.


1970 2006 Time Climate Change











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