Interview: Trump, CBDC, Global Tension and Investment Strategies

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Interview in Norway

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A message from Frank Nilsen:
How does Martin believe central bank digital currencies will affect the future of finance, borrowing, and the overall economy? With rising government discontent and predicted collapses in confidence, what indicators should we watch to gauge the stability of government systems? What are the historical precedents for capital migration during times of war or conflict, and how are we seeing this take place today?
Martin A Armstrong is back on the 2 Vikings podcast again. He is a former financial advisor and hedge fund manager who gained prominence for his economic forecasting abilities. He started his career in the early 1970s and quickly became known for his unique approach to analyzing financial markets.   One of Armstrong’s notable contributions to the field of economics is the development of the Economic Confidence Model (ECM). The ECM is a cyclical model that aims to predict economic and political events based on a series of mathematical calculations. According to Armstrong, these cycles repeat over time and can be used to forecast market trends with remarkable accuracy. Armstrong’s forecasting abilities gained widespread attention in the late 1980s when he accurately predicted the Black Monday stock market crash of 1987. His model also successfully predicted various other major events, including the Japanese asset bubble collapse in the early 1990s and the Russian financial crisis in 1998.
In addition to his economic forecasting work, Armstrong also founded Armstrong Economics, a research firm that provided economic analysis and consulting services to clients worldwide. The company’s clients included governments, central banks, and major corporations.   While he gained recognition for accurately predicting major market events, he also faced legal troubles and was convicted of contempt of court. Armstrong spent several years fighting the charges against him and was ultimately convicted of contempt of court for refusing to hand over computer files related to his forecasting models. He was sentenced to prison in 2000 and remained incarcerated until 2011. You can see his story in the documentary “The Forecaster.” During his time in prison, Armstrong continued to write about economics and finance. He gained a following of supporters who believed in his forecasting abilities and viewed him as a victim of government persecution. Armstrong’s writings, which were published on his website, often delved into topics such as market manipulation, government corruption, and the flaws of the financial system. Since his release from prison, Armstrong has continued to publish his economic insights and analysis on his website. He has also been involved in various legal battles related to his case and has become an advocate for reforming the justice system. Armstrong continues to share his economic insights through his website but remains a controversial figure in the field of economics.
We talk about: 00:00 Allegations of election interference and financial corruption. 09:14 Discoveries made by accident, not intentional pursuit. 15:39 Refusing to sell, setting off chain of events. 17:32 Russia’s large natural resource reserves are tempting. 28:15 Congress to vote, circumventing, dangerous power grab, inflation. 31:15 Became largest institutional advisors in the world. 35:03 Historical revolts sparked democracy, not communication speed. 42:48 Urgent need for CBDCs to control debt. 48:12 Decrees make no sense, unsustainable federal spending. 51:20 Shocking dinner conversation at Mar a Largo. 58:18 Rising discontent may lead to stock market pullback. 01:04:21 High priest determined leap year, leading to corruption. 01:10:42 Gold brokers indicative of upcoming restrictions, collapse. 01:17:11 Migration increases traffic, taxes and bribery issues. 01:18:58 Model predicts war but people want peace. 01:24:09 AfD leader supports Brexit model for Germany. 01:32:28 Colombians pay for heart transplant to escape. 01:34:09 Government funds for medical procedures exploited. Enjoy!

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