Globalists Cowered Ahead of Tucker-Putin Interview


The globalists were in a panic ahead of Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladamir Putin, which is certain to go viral globally. The interview reveals a lot of information hidden from the public, and I would not be surprised if they attempt to scrub it from the internet once it is released. As I explain in detail in my book, The Plot to Seize Russia, government agencies began carefully plotting war with Russia decades ago. Those who have read the book will recognize that Putin revealed precisely what I had described in those pages. Everything that the media and government agencies have told the people regarding Russia is an outright lie that this interview has exposed.

The globalists did not want it to air, but Elon Musk ensured it was live-streamed on X. We will see the backlash in the coming days, weeks, and months ahead. Nothing the establishment said in advance of the interview could have prepared them for the two hours of truth that defies everything those in the West thought they knew about Russia and Ukraine.

Hillary Clinton called Carlson a “useful idiot,” as she knows that the US government has done everything in its power to make Russia the enemy. Putin said during the livestream that someone can directly ask her husband, former President Bill Clinton, if what he has said was true. But notice we rarely hear from Bill while Hillary is inescapable from the media’s spotlight. The Steele Dossier and everything else pinned on Russian interference or collusion was an outright lie. More importantly, Russia was willing and eager to join NATO. In the interview, Putin declared precisely what I stated in my novel — the olive branch to enter NATO was extended and then retracted to Russia. I released classified documents from the Clinton Administration in my book that prove there was a clear plot to conquer Russia.

“I mean, if you actually read translations of what’s being said on Russian media, they make fun of him,” Clinton claimed in an interview with MSNBC. “I mean, he’s like a puppy dog.” That is also an outright lie as Russian media has praised Tucker Carlson’s visit, and he is receiving red-carpet treatment from everyone as they want the world to know their side of the story. Russia never wanted to be an enemy of the West.

Tucker Carlson was the first American to interview Putin since the war in Ukraine began. No one batted an eye when Barbra Walters or other American journalists interviewed Putin, but Tucker Carlson is not under the control of the establishment. “We’re in journalism. Our duty is to inform people. Two years into a war that’s reshaping the entire world, most Americans are not informed,” Carlson said. “They have no real idea what is really happening in this region, here in Russia, or 600 miles away in Ukraine. But they should know. They’re paying for it.”

Let us also not forget that countless journalists have visited terrorists and warlords over the years without any backlash. ABC News even interviewed Osama Bin Laden after the 9/11 attacks and gave him a platform to bash America after the largest terrorist attack on US soil. This likely was an attempt to increase patriotism in America and act as a recruitment ad for the military.

The European Union is so fearful of the public learning the truth that they are threatening Tucker Carlson with sanctions. “As Putin is a war criminal and the EU sanctions all who assist him in that effort, it seems logical that the External Action Service examine his case as well,” European Parliament member Guy Verhofstadt suggested. Former MEP Luis Garicano stated, “[Tucker Carlson] is no longer a newsman, but a propagandist for the most heinous regime on European soil and the one which is most dangerous to our peace and security.” MEP Urmas Paet accused Carlson of aiding a war criminal, saying, “”Carlson wants to give a platform to someone accused of crimes of genocide—this is wrong. If Putin has something to say he needs to say it in front of the ICC.”

Journalism that does not align with the narrow narrative is considered propaganda, hence why governments are increasing regulations on free speech. They do not want the public to know this war was utterly preventable, or worse, that the CIA and globalists have deceived the public with a warped version of recent history. Russia is not the aggressor but rather is attempting to defend itself from foreign forces who have dishonored every agreement in an attempt to ignite a global conflict. Watch the interview for yourself. Putin is currently willing to negotiate for peace and has been asking for a peace agreement since 2014, but peace has never been an option for the West. Never forget that the next global conflict could have been prevented instead of calculated and carefully orchestrated.

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