Hungary’s Border Success

Hungary Border Fence

The number of immigrants has surpassed 3 million immigrants entering the United States. That is more people than 5 State populations combined.  Immigrants crossing the border has been a rising issue in the United States, more so since the lift on section 42 in June of 2023, which brought us back to Title 8- allowing immigrants to seek asylum. Under the Biden Administration, over 1 million immigrants have been allowed to enter the US. Both the right and the left mocked Donald Trump for building a wall, being deemed “racist and unnecessary.” Trump requested 5.7 billion to go towards this project of building the wall, and everyone put up a fit, leading to a government shutdown in 2019. Now, Biden wants to sign a bill of $118.2 billion to fund Ukraine and Israel. How that seems logical still beats me.

Hungary has already seen a tremendous number of illegal migrants drop since they finished building their fence to put a stop to illegals entering the country. From just over 6 thousand people a day entering, their numbers are down to about 870. The fencing is 96 miles long with razor wire that sends electric shocks to anyone who tries to pass. This is a huge step toward making sure that they are monitoring who comes into their country without the flood of immigrants who are there illegally to come in. A spokesperson for the Hungarian government said:  “You might not like it, it’s not a nice thing, but … the only way to stop illegal border crossings is [to] first build a fence, man it, equip it, and also, in parallel, build up your capabilities in terms of legal confines, legal circumstances to be able to handle what is coming.”

I believe it is not normal for anyone to come in as they please. If governments are trying to protect their people, allowing hundreds of thousands of immigrants into the country at any given time is not the way to do it. It may seem a bit harsh to some to build a wall/ fencing, but this is a way to make sure everyone who tries to come in will take the proper steps to make sure they are brought in legally.

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