Irish Lives Matter

Large demonstrations have been happening throughout Ireland to protest the mass invasion of illegal migrants. As I said, all of the Build Back Better WEF-affiliated nations have sold out their own people to the globalist agenda, which entails replacing the current population with illegal immigrants. These people rely solely on government aid and are the test subjects for ushering in a new socialist state. President Higgins and his administration are standing idle as their nation is invaded. “Irish Lives Matter” is a new movement sparked by citizens who want their leaders to focus on issues at home.

Approximately 141,600 immigrants entered Ireland in 2023, marking the highest number since 2007, and this only includes those who were registered. This population spike comes from 29,600 returning Irish citizens, 26,100 other EU citizens, 4,800 UK citizens, and 81,100 citizens of other countries, including almost 42,000 Ukrainians.

Ireland caved to pressure from the European Union and agreed to the European Commission’s Pact on Migration and Asylum and other initiatives that permit almost anyone to seek asylum in Europe without cause. The sheer number of people entering the nation is changing the entire demographic of the country, and there has been a notable uptick in crime across all nations who have failed to secure their borders. No nation can financially support a new population, and no citizen should be expected to forego their financial or personal safety for such causes.

Censored 1

Ireland wants to stifle any dissent. The “Criminal Justice (Incitement to Violence or Hatred and Hate Offenses) Bill 2022” is one of the most extreme pieces of legislation to prevent free speech. Under this law, people could be IMPRISONED for simply carrying any written material that the government considers “hate speech.”

“Given that President [Éamon] de Valera himself was imprisoned for sedition in 1918, I urge your government to consider the impact of this legislation on Ireland’s proud tradition of free speech,” UN Ambassador Geraldine Byrne Nason reminded the Irish Parliament. You know the situation is dire when even the United Nations steps in to say something has gone too far. “Would the prohibition include ‘recklessly’ attributing social ills, like crime, to increased immigration to Ireland? Would it include ‘recklessly’ affirming that gender is biologically determined and that there are only two genders, male and female?” Vance later questioned.

The Irish Lives Matter movement is quickly growing in popularity. The people are livid and refuse to be silenced.

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