Supreme Court & Putin

Ham Sandwich

This weekend, I will post my review of the Supreme Court and Tucker’s interview with Putin. Suffice it to say that a single state uses its law to remove Trump from the ballot, interfering with the federal election for everyone – that in itself is unconstitutional. How can you have a federal election if some states will not let Trump on the ballot? That is a direct assault against Democracy they claim they are protecting. Of course, they are Democrat states, and this is all about them fearing Biden would lose to a ham sandwich since it is more appealing and does not require a translation if it ever speaks. They will not even allow a choice on the Democrat ballot. We call that a dictatorship in other countries.

Tucker v Putin

As far as Putin, all mainstream media refused to air anything because they are part of the West’s Propaganda. They do not want you ever to examine the truth, for then you just might see who is trying to manipulate your opinion to justify sending your children to die on the battlefield selected by Victoria Nuland.

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