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I paid very close attention to Tucker’s interview with Putin. I found Putin honest but curiously restrained. He could have easily gone off on the interference in the Russian 2000 election, his request to interrogate Bill Browder and the fake dossier manufactured for Hillary Clinton and her co-conspirator, the grandfather of the Neocons, John McCain. When Tucker pressed Putin about talking to American presidents, he explained that they really do not make the decisions – it is the Deep State where he carefully avoids naming anyone.

Clintons Russia Coup

Then, I have seen people claiming everything Putin said was propaganda. Sorry – he was very honest. I have the declassified documents from the Clinton Administration, and Russia was offered the chance to join NATO. That was why the old hardline Communists, who saw that as Russia’s surrender to America, attempted a coup against Gorbachev. That is when Yeltsin stood on the tank and pleaded with the military not to fire on the people. The military stood down, the coup collapsed, and Yeltsin became the new head of state. These are facts that cannot be disputed. The West has perpetually sought to take over Russia since the days of Napoleon because it is perhaps the richest country on the planet insofar as natural resources are concerned.

2009 Ginsberg Eugenics

People have no idea how they are being manipulated. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was a woman’s activist. She explained that Roe v Wade had NOTHING to do with women’s rights when she got to the Supreme Court. It was all about reducing the population. Bill Gates’ father was the head of Planned Parenthood, and they were set up in minority areas to reduce the population of predominantly blacks. To hide the racism and create popularity, they called it women’s rights, and then all the female groups got behind it when they had no idea they were being played for fools.

McCain Climate Change

Then, take climate change. There is NO WAY we could ever get to Net Zero. This all started by the Neocons to replace fossil fuels with nuclear power, and this was to undermine the Russian economy. McCain did not care about the environment. These people are masters at SWITCHING LABELS TO HIDE THEIR REAL AGENDA. Remember when Obama wanted to invade Syria? He could care less about the people of Syria, it was all about running a pipeline through Syria to cut off the income for Russia on selling fuel to Europe.


Niger_Coup_a_Proxy_War_8 2 23

The US orchestrated the blowing up of Nordstream, and in return, they promised Germany to keep their mouth shut, and the US taxpayer would pay for a pipeline from Nigeria to Europe. Nigeria would also be the first test for CBDCs, and everything was going well until there was a coup in Niger where the pipeline had to go through. Victoria Nuland jumped on a plane because this was messing up the Neocon scheme to cut off the energy income for Russia again. This has always been an economic war to destroy Russia. Putin was a gentlemen and did not want to get into a blame game.

Economist The_real_message_of_Vladimir_Putin_s_chat_with_Tucker_Carlson

Mainstream media refused to air the interview with Putin. When I read the review by the Economist, which was unsigned by the author, hate and bias seethed through every line. I thought I was reading Karl Marx. The Economist did not present a review of the interview; it was a typical propaganda piece that did nothing but insult Tucker and Putin and never dealt with any facts.

Zelenskyy Johnson

Perhaps they were upset that their former Prime Minister Johnson went to Ukraine to tell Zelensky he was not allowed to sign a peace deal and fight until the last Ukrainian died. That was not fiction. The Ukrainian Press even reported it. Britain was interfering in the politics of Ukraine and had sentenced countless Ukrainians to their death. I was shocked by the Economist’s unprofessional review; there was just hatred in every line. They seemed to be trying to distract their readers from the raw truth about Johnson.

“A Trumpist provocateur and host on Fox News until he was sacked last year, Mr Carlson gave Mr Putin lots of chances to stir up American politics. For a supposed sorcerer of electoral interference, the president did a poor job. Might a different administration in Washington help mend relations with Russia? “It is not about the leader,” Mr Putin said disobligingly. Invited, more than once, to blame nato for the war—a bogus explanation favoured by American isolationists—he repeatedly blathered about history. Mr Carlson looked, now and then, like a man who has drifted into a reverie over whether he left the oven on.”


The response to the interview by the White House and NATO confirms what Putin has said. He is willing to talk, but they refuse. There is no risk to national security by a peace deal and simply honoring the Minsk Agreement, and the Russians who have lived in the Donbas for centuries decide their fate. What he says in this video is a lie. Gallup Polls show the majority of Americans are against the Ukrainian War.


Merkel_Minsk_Buy_Time_to Prepare for wart

The West lied about everything. They negotiated the Minsk Agreement in bad faith only to buy time for Ukraine to raise an army and take on Russia directly. We will spend $1 trillion on this war because this is all about destroying Russia from the outset. I was asked to put in $10 billion in 1998 to fund this takeover of Russia. I refused.

Zelensky_Pursue_Nuclear_Weapons_2 23 22

The day before Putin’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, as the biased press loves to call it, Zelensky stood up and announced he would seek to rearm Ukraine with nuclear weapons pointed at Russia. If I recall, the US had the Cuba Missile Crisis over Kruschev’s attempt to put nukes in Cuba. Putin mentioned in a speech to the people on February 23rd that night that Ukraine announced it would rearm with nuclear weapons as one of the reasons to justify entering the Donbas.

Zelensky did not tell people about invasion

Zelensky claimed he did not warn the people about an invasion when he knew when it would take place, claiming it would have cost him $7 billion, but he was told not to inform the people. The Neocons wanted as many civilians killed as possible to paint Russia as ruthless. They needed that to sell the war to Congress, which they started. By admitting he knew Russia was on the border, on the 23rd, he said he was going to rearm with nuclear weapons to make sure Putin would invade.

Kruschev map Brezhnev

I have said from the start that Putin was a historian. He rejected the idea that he should conquer Ukraine and take out Kiev, just as the US did to Iraq. When Putin launched the move to protect the Donbas, he told the Ukrainian people not to fight; we are brothers. Ukraine was never a country. They joined Hitler, who promised them he would create a country for them. Ukraine was the first to push for the demise of the Soviet Union. Kruschev assigned Crimea to Ukraine because he grew up there and was in charge of rebuilding Kiev during World War II. His successor, Brezhnev, was even born in the Donbas. Yet, the world wants to pretend there are no Russians in the Donbas and it is Ukrainian territory, so millions should die for a territorial grab; in truth, this is only part of the long-running war against Russia that the Neocons have refused to stop even though Communism collapsed.

Kaganovich Lazar 1893–1991

Stalin’s right-hand man who proposed and took the food from Ukraine was Lazar Kaganovich (1893-1991), a Ukrainian. Even the New York Times reported quoting a Ukrainian woman: “I am from the Ukraine, and I know the ‘order’ Kaganovich enforced there — it was genocide.” He killed millions of Ukrainians, and many believe it was retaliation for prejudice against Jews. Yet, most Ukrainians blame Russians – the source of their hatred.

NPR Tucker_Carlson_s_two_hour_interview_of_Russia_s_Vladimir_Putin

Even NPR stooped to new low levels. They preferred to slander Tucker and denigrate Putin rather than listen to anything and prefer sending millions of people to die for their propaganda. It appears that NPR has joined the government propaganda machine. They wrote:

“The right-wing television provocateur Tucker Carlson interviewed Vladimir Putin in Moscow in an exchange fueling both the Russian president’s anti-Ukrainian rhetoric and Carlson’s drive for renewed relevance in his post-Fox career.”

NY Times Putin_Calls_on_U.S._to_Negotiate_on_Ukraine_in_Tucker_Carlson_Interview_The_

The New York Times was more restrained than the Economist. Perhaps because there was no American who told the Ukrainians that they should keep fighting until there were no Ukrainians left. Still, those of us who have access behind the curtain know that the US Neocons ordered Johnson to kill the peace deal. The NY Times had a political slant suggesting that Putin was adopting Trump’s talking points. wrote:

“President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has worked for decades to win allies in the West, using his spy agencies to interfere in elections and deploying diplomats to build links with Kremlin-friendly politicians.

On Thursday, the world witnessed a new, verbose chapter in those efforts: Mr. Putin’s two-hour interview, taped in a gilded hall at the Kremlin, with one of America’s most prominent and most divisive conservative commentators.

Speaking to Tucker Carlson, the former Fox News host, Mr. Putin called on the United States to “make an agreement” to cede Ukrainian territory to Russia in order to end the war. He sought to appeal directly to American conservatives just as Republican lawmakers are holding up aid to Ukraine on Capitol Hill, echoing the talking points of politicians like former President Donald J. Trump who say that the United States has more pressing priorities than a war thousands of miles away.”


Variety Magazine was at least balanced. They did not degrade themselves by calling Tucker a failed journalist or Putin a madman. CNBC could not help themselves and just had to comment: “Carlson has consistently repeated falsehoods, misinformation and conspiracy theories, and he has been a vocal critic of U.S. support of Ukraine.”

CNN, the #1 Socialist Propaganda publication, avoided any honest journalistic assessment of the facts. They ran with the headline:

Putin walks away with propaganda victory after Tucker Carlson’s softball interview

MSNBC, a totally worthless organization insofar as serious news is concerned, ran with their headline to avoid any journalistic assessment:

The real reason Tucker Carlson supports Russia’s Putin

Newsweek did its best to avoid any serious issues and focused on the WSJ journalist in prison:

Tucker Carlson Slammed for Ignoring Putin’s Jailing of US Journalists

Hillary Cartoon

Hillary Clinton, of course, tried desperately to cover up reality and her own manufactured conspiracy theory that Putin interfered in the 2016 election she assumed because she interfered in the Russian 2000 election. She paid for the fake dossier on Putin and Trump, and John McCain handed it to the FBI’s James Comey. Hillary called Tucker:

Reuters was at least professional, which is very hard to find these days. They reported that “Putin devoted a substantial part of the interview to complaining that Ukraine had been on the verge of agreeing a deal to end hostilities at talks in Istanbul in April 2022, but backed away, he said, once Russian troops withdrew from near Kyiv.” I had contacts there in Kyiv, and I was concerned for their safety. There was a column of tanks parked outside the city, and I asked daily, “What are they doing? “ I was told they were just sitting there as a show of force.

They reported that Putin had no interest in invading Poland or Latvia. I have heard that from my sources, and it appears to be propaganda from NATO to keep their funding flowing to remain relevant. Politico was not as biased as many. Still, they tried to paint Putin in a dark light rather than to encourage some negotiation. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are dying for a territory grab that Russians have occupied for hundreds of years. If Kiyv had a right to independence from Russians, then why does the Donbas, who are Russians, not have the same right to freedom? That was supposed to have been guaranteed by the Minsk Agreement.

Aljazeera on Tucker Putin Interview
Aljazeera was the only one who seemed to focus on Russia being invited to join NATO. They reported fairly without calling people names, pointing out Putin’s claims Clinton flip-flopped on Russia joining NATO. Most of the Western Press ignored that because it did not suit their predetermined agenda.

2022_The Plot to Seize Russia Overview

I got my hands on all the declassified documents from the Clinton Administration. NOTHING that Putin said was propaganda or a lie. All of the documents from the Clinton Administration support Putin’s version of events. The Western Media is so intent on putting out the propaganda from the Neocons that they are pushing us into World War III. There is no Western leader who is even interested in peace – and none of the Western Journalists will dare report that. They are all pushing for war ASAP because they will (1) get to default on all their debts, at least held by enemies, and (2) they can use a population reduction to reduce the unfunded liabilities. Nobody seems interested anymore in honest investigative journalism.

Goring Herman on War

These mainstream media moguls see their job to drag the common people into war, telling them they will be attacked any day now. The common people in the US, EU, Canada, China, and Russia do not want war. That is always the scheme of leaders – not the average person who stands nothing to gain and everything to lose. Yet, mainstream media keeps the propaganda preaching war with every article they write, often quoting Victoria Nuland’s sister-in-law, who runs the Institute for the Study of War; you will see that is mainstream media’s #1 source.

Tucker Appears to be The Last Surviving Investigative Journalist

where you are supposed to listen to both sides

There is only war when you keep calling the opposition a piece of shit

That’s one way to prevent peace negotiations so we all lose everything and many die

for what? Hillary Clinton & Victoria Nuland?

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