Deep State wants Absentee Presidents

COMMENT: You have far more experience dealing with governments than any of these newsletter commentators. RFK just confirmed what you have been saying and what Putin said: that the president does not really make the decisions. RFK just said, “There are entrenched interests and special interests in government that actually benefit from having a president who is not completely competent. ” He is talking about the Deep State without using that term.

I was in Austin. I didn’t get a chance to shake your hand at Mikki’s event. I did see you talking to RFK’s people. I hope he listens to you.


Trump Cabinet Meeting

ANSWER: The role of the President is to be the referee at these Cabinet Meetings. Biden is on vacation 40% of the time. He does not have the mental capacity nor the stamina to do the job. The agencies always want an ABSENTEE president. They get to do what they want and never have to answer to anyone. This is what is tearing the country apart. We have all of these agencies doing their own thing, and nobody is coordinating anything. The State Department is driving us into World War III, and nobody can put the brakes on these people. They threaten China over Taiwan when China is the largest holder of US debt. Then, the Treasury has to send Yellen over to beg for them to keep buying US debt. If they stop, long-term interest rates will soar.

Deep State 1

We can’t even take 90 days more of this insanity. They are trying to create war by July under the theory no president has ever lost during the war. The Democrats would not even allow anyone else to be on the ticket against Biden, fearing he cannot debate and will lose. They have told Democratic states to try to remove Trump and launched relentless actions against Trump, desperate to ensure four more years with Biden and absentee leadership. This is the Deep State in complete control.

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