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Greene Marjorie Taylor Greene

I found Marjorie Taylor Greene’s interview with Tucker Carlson quite enlightening. I never really formed an opinion of her one way or the other. The image that floated around was she was some sort of radical. After listening to the interview, I can confirm what she said about how Washington Works was correct. You are not supposed to make a motion from the floor. All motions are to be through a committee. This is how Congress restricts your representation. What she has stood for on most occasions was rather common sense. Congress is bought and paid for, and that is why these people keep sending billions to Ukraine with no end in sight. The fact that both Republicans and Democrats hate Greene so much, that alone means we need to listen because the rest do not have our interests at heart.

As I have said many times, I can run for Congress, tell you whatever you need to hear to vote for me, and then when I get there, I am supposed to vote the party line. This is the entire problem as to why I warn that Republics are the most corrupt form of government known to history.

Boom Bust Credit Cycle by Martin Armstrong

colored_business_pie_elevate_300_clr_2681This is the reality of the Business Cycle. You get a picture of the leadership cycle when you throw in politics. The economic hard times inevitably will cause the rise of strong men to come to the rescue, such as Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers. They, in turn, result in the Business Cycle and produce good times that ultimately peak with the typical euphoria.  However, the prosperous good times lead to mismanagement and corruption, which take hold, and the Business Cycle begins to decline. The once-boom times of euphoria are rapidly supplanted by hard times as incompetent and corrupt leaders undermine the foundation that created the prosperous times. As the economy then crashes and burns, taking the business cycle down, this, in turn, will lead once again to the rise of strong leadership. This, the Business Cycle of Leadership follows the same time frame.

I have often been asked how Socrates can forecast elections without polls. It looks at the Business Cycle, and human nature simply never changes. Just follow the money. We have nobody representing our interests anymore. That is a sad state of affairs. The only solution is to vote according to the voting records of the person entrenched in Washington politics. They love war because it distracts everyone from their weak leadership.



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