NYC Out of Control – Giant Short!

NY AG Seize Trumps AssetsLetitia James – the Destroyer of Worlds

NYC is totally out of control. These bogus charges were never brought against anyone, and there was no victim. This definition of fraud can be applied now to anyone in NYC. This is obviously an attempt to interfere in the 2024 election, for if Trump had not run for president, there would have been no such charges.

New York is just so UNAMERICAN you can’t make this up. This radical Attorney General not only has Trump BARRED from running his own company, but they also appointed a former organized-crime prosecutor to manage the Trump Organization who has no business capability. The state is attempting to seize total control of the financial assets of Trump without a jury trial to shut him down to prevent him from running for office. Trump was denied the right to defend himself before a jury. They did that to my company, Princeton Economics. Their agent/receiver fired all the staff and then moved to shut it down. Then, their appointed receiver became a board member of Goldman Sachs while running my company from their boardroom. This was also all without any right to a jury trial.

Pittman Letter

They alleged that $1 billion was missing. When I told them the bank stole the money, they said they believed the bank. Yet there was never any evidence that I had withdrawn money, and in the end, the bank had to plead guilty and repay my clients. Still, they used a fake allegation to seize Princeton Economics. They shut down all forecasting, which was their covert goal, and made up allegations that NOT one member of the press questions except Mark Pittman of Bloomberg News, whom they promptly barred from writing about what they were doing. Trump is getting the same treatment.

Welcome to NYC – not the Big Apple – the sewer of legal corruption.

Trump needs to file bankruptcy in Florida.

That will move all his assets to Florida, and then he can save his companies.


Then, SELL Everything in New York City. 

NO court in New York will EVER uphold the Law.  

Legally, it would require the Supreme Court to Intervene.

2032 Sixth Wave

This is so outrageous; I fear that Trump’s case will be the catalyst for the decline and fall of the United States. We cannot possibly stand united as a nation under such an outrageous legal system. When the rule of law collapses like this, no nation has ever survived long throughout history. We can now see 2032 coming and why the computer has forecasted that there may not even be a 2028 election. They need to stop Trump because they are taking us to War, canceling the paper money, and taxing everything we do for climate change. At the same time, the WHO orders lockdowns and mandatory vaccines as they surrender our sovereignty.

New York City is Completely Out of Control

The integrity of assets is seriously under question. My sincere advice to Trump is to sell all of your NYC assets and get the HELL OF NYC! Nobody should invest in anything in New York City, for there is no rule of law and, even worse, no separation of powers. It is a political dictatorship that you cannot fight for. NO judge in New York City will defend the Constitution and go against their peers.

While the trucker known as Chicago Ray started calling on truckers to boycott NYC, all they have to do is target someone, and they will routinely use taxes to go after innocent people as well as journalists if they do not cooperate. Chicago Ray has backed down yet, claiming, “No one’s got to me … I heard what drivers were saying, and I’m hearing some of that today; I ain’t scared of s–t.” I met a former executive from the NY Post who they put in prison because he would not yield to the Deep State. He explained they call with a “favor,” and if you do not comply, they come after you personally. In his case, they claimed he hired people who did not show up to work. New York City is beyond hope.


I warned that Trump would NEVER get a fair trial in New York City – I have NEVER seen anyone EVER get a fair trial in New York City. When my case began, they brought it to New York when the accounts were in Philadelphia. They claimed there was the COMEX for the venue, so that was good enough even though currencies traded in Chicago. When my lawyer heard they filed the case in New York City, he said oh shit. I asked what was the problem. He said you don’t understand. New York practices law differently. Boy, did I find out.

Owen Changing Transcripts

Judges can alter the transcripts and change the words you speak in court. The Court of Appeals ruled they did not have the power to order the judges to obey the law (see UNITED STATES V. ZICHETTELLO 208 F3d 72 (2d Cir 2000) at page 97).  A federal statute 18 U.S. Code § 1519 defines that as a felony with 20 years in prison. I forced Judge Owen to admit he was altering my transcripts, and the DOJ would not indicate him; the Court of Appeals lost my appeal THREE TIMES and then said I was out of time. The ONLY reason they released me was because the Supreme Court agreed to take my case. So they released me and told the Supreme Court the case was moot. Otherwise, I would have died in solitary confinement.

MF Global


Remember MF Global. That is when Judge Martin Glenn seized the assets of all clients to protect the banks that Jon Corzine was trading with. The trustee overseeing MF Global’s liquidation eventually confirmed that the amount of customers’ funds from the failed brokerage was at least $1.6 billion. This was the biggest financial crime, perhaps in history, far worse than Madoff. This is the outright theft of client funds sanctioned by the court, which protected all the bankers. Nobody was being called to account because MF Global, which was headed by former Goldman Sachs CEO, Senator, and New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine, was also protected. The client’s funds were illegally seized by the NY court and were used to cover the losses to the bankers completely in violation of the law.

This collapse was the eighth-largest corporate bankruptcy in U.S. history. Corzine was never charged because he was one of them – a Democrat. The US Regulators investigated only whether MF Global tapped into client money from clients’ accounts as its financial condition worsened. They are ignoring the fact that it was trading with client money before the last few days. Brokerage Houses are required to keep customer money separate from the firm’s money, but that was simply not being enforced in the instant case. This is why having an account with a NY entity is highly dangerous – there is no rule of law in NYC.

As an astute lawyer wrote in about New York, he correctly pointed out that there is no rule of law, for it is a corrupt city with a “connection-based society,” not a “contract-based society.” Contracts mean nothing in New York, and this is why no bankers ever go to prison there. The courts will always rule against people for political objectives.

Rosenberg Ethel

Sobell MortonIn 1951, NY executed an innocent woman they KNEW was innocent. It was April 5th, 1951, when Julius Rosenberg (1918-1953) and his 35-year-old wife Ethel (1915-1953) were sentenced to death using this Espionage Act. Today, everyone concedes that his wife’s crime was simply being married to Julius. The prosecutors charged her, thinking it would force him to give up his contacts, which he never did, most likely because he had none.

A co-defendant of Julius and Ethel  Rosenberg, Morton Sobell (1917-2018), admitted for the first time that he was a Soviet spy on his deathbed at 91 after serving 30 years in prison but also made it clear that Ethel was innocent. Sobell passed military secrets to the Communists in World War II when the nations were still allies, he told the New York Times. Sobell, who served 18 years for espionage, said Julius did pass secrets, but Ethel, executed with her husband in 1953, was guilty of nothing more than being Mrs. Rosenberg.

Under our legal system, the Jury can nullify the conviction using common sense based on their own sense of justice. Our corrupt judges will never instruct the jury that they have that power. The JURY can refuse to follow the corrupt law and acquit a defendant even when the evidence presented seems to point to an incontrovertible verdict of guilt. Personally, I think the Jury should be told that they have the power to nullify a conviction as well as to direct charges and reprimand the prosecutor in such a case for his abuse of power.



All I can say is GET THE HELL OUT OF NYC before there is NO BID!

It’s a Sanctuary City, and Taxes will Only Rise to Pay for the onslaught of uneducated illegal migrants.


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