Poo-Losi – Fractions among the Left


Protestors gifted trading extraordinaire Nancy Pelosi with 300 lbs of manure to her personal residence in San Francisco, California. No, this was not an act of violence by the radical MAGA extremists but a message sent by Democrats protesting a ceasefire in Palestine. “NANCY PELOSI ENOUGH WITH THIS S—T” and “STOP ARMING ISRAEL. ARMS EMBARGO NOW,” signs placed outside her home declared.

Code Pink, responsible for this “mostly peaceful” protest, is one of many organizations angered over America’s involvement in the Israel-Palestine war. Taking a page from the farmers in Europe, these protestors dumped manure outside her home, but the media has largely remained quiet about the situation because it does not fit the narrative that anti-government extremists wear red hats and exist only on the right.

I do not advocate violence of any sort, but this move shows that the people, not the right or left, but the people of the United States, are completely fed up with their government and want their public servants to fear their constituents.

Some believe this act was staged as the activists placed the manure on a tarp. The protestors in Europe do not make clean-up so accessible. Either way, the message has been sent and a select few are facing charges for their involvement.

The war in Palestine has become a breaking point for many on the far left who otherwise support the overall Democrat agenda of climate change, illegal immigration, and socialistic policies. These very people supported the war in Ukraine and accepted that Russia was the evil force pushing America into a foreign war. They ignored the billions sent to Zelensky and cheered as their own nation fell further into debt and closer to world war.

Democrats’ empathies in the Middle East lie with the Palestinians, at 49% versus 38%, based on a Gallup poll. Younger Democrats under 35 are far more likely to sympathize with Palestine, as a Quinnipiac University poll found that 69% disapprove of how Biden is handling the war. Older Democrats over 65 are much more likely to approve (77%) of Biden’s involvement in this war. There was far more sympathy for Israel when the war first broke out, and Hamas was seen as the enemy rather than all of Palestine.

There are fractions among the left due to America’s unwavering support for Israel. As Biden has said throughout his career, if there were not an Israel, America would need to create one. Israel is America’s stronghold on the Middle East and support for the nation will not wane regardless of left v right. This is one of many stories of protests against Democratic politicians that the media does not want to highlight ahead of elections.

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