Tren de Aragua – Venezuelan Gangs Infiltrate America


The Biden Administration has united a deadly duo – MS-13 and the Tren de Aragua gangs. Most are familiar with the MS-13 gang, an extremely violent transnational crime ring that originated in El Salvador and became prominent in America during the Obama Administration. Tren de Aragua is a violent smaller gang from Venezuela that has spread out across America since the open border policies were implemented. The FBI has reported that the two criminal organizations are working together to terrorize America.

There have been countless reports of Venezuela opening its prisons and releasing violent offenders on one condition – get the hell out of our country. Obviously this has yet to be confirmed and the Venezuelan government is praising itself for a recently lowered crime rate that correlated with the repeal of US border security. The Venezuelan government could not control the gang, who made headlines for turning a prison into their version of Disney World. President Maduro had to send 11,000 soldiers to a single prison to take back control. Tens of thousands of these men have since entered the US. Rep Troy Nehls first reported the serious issue in September 2022 and has not received an official answer from either government.

The National Guard has been urged to check migrants for Tren de Aragua tattoos that widely vary. Of course, the National Guard does not have time to check the thousands of people entering each day. Reports of arrests (and releases) in Chicago, Texas, New York City, and other US cities are commonplace.


El Salvador solved its gang problem by arresting ALL gang members. So those solo men seeking “asylum” are attempting to run from political prosecution in their own nation that they nearly ruined. The MS-13 gang is larger and more advanced than Tren de Aragua, and new reports reveal that they are taking the smaller enterprise under their wing and helping them set up their headquarters in NYC.

FBI Agent John Morales alerted the New York Post that the two gangs had begun a crime spree across all five boroughs of New York. The most recent scam involved stealing cell phones from unsuspecting US citizens in broad daylight. Two men will approach their target on a moped while one snatches the phone and keeps it open. They then bring the cell phones to a hacker who withdraws all of the victim’s money from every account linked to their phone, and then they sell the phones for parts.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement has also recognized these transnational gangs spreading the nation. “Gangs strike fear into our local neighborhoods, commit violent crimes against our citizens and facilitate criminal activity such as narcotics and firearms trafficking, sex trafficking, human smuggling and trafficking, and corruption,” the agency states on its website. The cell phone scam only scratches the surface of what these gangs are involved in. American cities are no longer safe and no one will protect you if the federally protected migrants attack you or your family.

Violent Crime

Countless vetted and confirmed actual asylum seekers fled Venezuela to the US to escape the gangs that took over their towns. Corrupt Soros-appointed D.A. Alvin Bragg is turning a blind eye to the uptick in gang activity, as is the entire Democratic Party. These migrants are receiving thousands of dollars per month of pre-paid debit cards funded by YOU. There are no consequences for committing crimes, as we have seen with migrants beating police officers, only to be immediately released to re-offend.  

THE US GOVERNMENT IS DELIBERATELY DESTROYING AMERICAN CITIES. Wake up America! The government could deport these people at any time instead of building them luxury housing, providing them with more money than they ever made in their country of origin, and allowing them to wreak havoc on the public, all in the name of votes.

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