Direct Democracy to End Treason of UNELECTED Bureaucrats


I find it interesting how Victoria Nuland has to label any opponent with a derogatory name. She claims that Putin silences any opposition to challenge him in an election when, in fact, the Biden Administration is doing that to Trump, and this is becoming a trend as Brazil seeks to imprison Bolsonaro. Christiane Amanpour reveals her bias in the same way and has long since lost her status as an honest journalist.

Zelenskyy Johnson

In one breath, they say Putin’s economy has turned inward and is now based on a “defense” economy, followed by $60 billion going to the US defense industry. We spend far more on defense than Russia, and we have given more aid to Ukraine than the total defense budget of Germany. She says Putin would not come to the negotiating table when there was a peace deal, and the Neocons sent British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to kill the deal. Not only can we not afford 90 days more of this Biden hand-puppet of the Neocons, but we can no longer afford to let UNELECTED people like Victoria Nuland set policy. This is why they love Biden. He is on vacation 40% of the time, and she runs Foreign Policy.

2021 Hill draft Women


Victoria Nuland exaggerated Putin sending 1,000 young Russian boys to death every day. That is what she has done to Ukraine – used them for cannon fodder with no remorse for the blood on her hands. She instigated the civil war in Ukraine. The government she hand-picked attacked the Donbas before there was any election in Ukraine. This was not Democracy, and Zelensky promised peace, which got him elected and then expanded the war at her direction. She was handing out food at Maidan in Kiev and encouraging the revolution.

Victoria Nuland has been preparing for this war her whole life. In 2021, the Neocons were pushing to force girls to register for the draft because they do not have enough males to do and die for her objectives. Putin has offered to negotiate constantly. She wants only war! She is Ukrainian by heritage, and she PERSONALLY hates Russians.  Nobody voted for Victoria Nuland.

Russia and China abandoned Communism and joined the world economy. She has sought to tear that apart, and now we have a divided world, and globalism is dead. It was John McCain who pushed climate change, and that was to end fossil fuels only to try to undermine the Russian economy. He never had any concern about climate.

Some have asked me about my comments that perhaps we need a Direct Democracy, and they will often respond that the people are fools. All of that is true, and they can name the players in football but not their congressmen.

Soros Calls for Assassination of Trump

The unelected deep state is pulling the strings, and they love their power. They are not going down without a fight. She has no problem sending American boys to die for her personal hatred of Russians – a real hate crime that will engulf the world. I fear she and her Neocons will try to assassinate Trump as their funder Alex Soros’s Twitter. They could poison Trump and call it COVID-19.

I had a friend who was married for 60 years, and when someone asked how he did it?
He would say they agreed; he makes all the major decisions, and she handles the rest.
They would then ask: What major decisions have you made? 
He said none have come up yet.

We should have a right to vote directly on major issues like war and taxes. If it is a tax on small businesses, then only they should vote. The downside of democracy has always been that the majority gets to oppress the minority. That has to be eliminated. There cannot be class warfare, for that will only destroy the country in the end. In Switzerland, they have a form of direct democracy. We have to stop these people like Victoria Nuland, who sneak their way in and then impose their personal biases and hatred. This woman accuses Putin and does the exact same thing.

I believe there is NOTHING that Victoria Nuland ever says that is the truth!

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