What Russia & Others Think of Biden’s America – the Culture War


Some people just cannot fathom that the fake news spear-headed by Victoria Nuland’s sister-in-law at the Institute for the Study of War never peace; they demonize Putin as they routinely do to anyone they oppose. My father taught me a lesson that you MUST always listen to your opponent because it is a window into his thinking process. I have read Marx not because I believed in what he was saying but to comprehend his thinking process and what led him to the conclusion that he killed more than 200 million people and still counting.

When you listen to Putin’s speech, he focuses on what many perceive as American culture. When we look deeper into American politics, the stats are revealing. They explain why many view the United States as out of control because of these extremely progressive ideas of attributing even pronouns, etc. Indeed, 93% of college professors gave to Biden. Just 7% gave to former President Donald Trump. That explains why we all know that a college education today may not be so desirable. The goal seems to indoctrinate our children to accept the political philosophies being taught in schools even though they have a proven track record of failure – consistently.

Oscar II Socialist v Conservative

When I would interview students who wanted to work in our firm, I would ask them what were their opinions about various economists and their theories. When I asked about Marx, I was shocked. They said that social studies – not economics. I could tell what college they attended if they answered the question instead of looking befuddled. If they never studied Marx in economics, it explains how socialism is the panacea for the future because it hands the government more power. With each passing generation, attitudes shift and change.

Meanwhile, the biggest donors to President Trump were farmers, truckers, entrepreneurs, mechanics, and construction workers – not academics. Biden’s repeated failures in economics from his green agenda with agencies being overturned as violating the constitution regularly add to Biden’s woke extremism of progressives in general. Trump is not only winning over farmers, truckers, entrepreneurs, mechanics, and construction workers but also Black Americans, Hispanics, and Asian Americans, as well as immigrants who had to come here with a skill to get in. Add to that young people who see Trump as energetic compared to a feeble old man.

Generations 2

Add to this,  it’s becoming so obvious that the political system is just not working. It is dying from the cancer of corruption within. The perception of this also differs between generations. The Baby Boomers tend to be galvanized into Republican or Democrat, with Independents at best 10%, accounting for the swing between them.

Desk hiding

There are clearly four generations in the workforce: Baby Boomers (oldest), Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z. These generations were raised in different social and political atmospheres. I recall having drills for a nuclear blast and hiding under my desk, which seems comical today.  Each generation had different childhood upbringings and familial environments. These all inspire different values, wants, and needs in adulthood, shaping our most basic views of morality.

mycaene Gold cup 1The environment in which an individual is brought up in, namely the things that they lack or are deprived of in their childhood, strongly influences their value development throughout adulthood.  When communism fell, behind those borders, people rushed to get what they were deprived of. That is how even gold became what it is seen as to this day. It was at first reserved only for kings, for it was believed to be the tears of the sun god. For about 2600 years, gold was not money. It was reserved for kings. As more gold became available, the aristocrats suddenly wanted gold that had been forbidden. This gold first appears as jewelry.

Gold was finally plentiful enough to be used as money only from about 800 BC. It was first traded in lumps, and then it was fashioned into standard weights. It finally became a coin when a king stamped his badge on it to guarantee its weight and purity. While the baby boomers see gold as money, the younger generations do not. In India, the second-largest gold market, we see shifts in generational attitudes. Millennials in India aren’t buying gold the way their parents did. It has worsened for Generation Z (1996-2010), where the World Gold Council study highlighted that this generation lacks an emotional connection with gold.

Bronx Republican

In the Bronx, a Republican won for the first time in 40 years. This is a district where the Democrats outnumber Republicans 4 to 1. Things are shifting, and the press is so out of date; they keep preaching the same narrative of hating Trump because they are run by the Baby Boomers, who are the most leftist of the lot.

Trump Flees NYC

If Trump left New York and swam across the Hudson River, the headline would be – Trump Cannot Walk on Water. There is a major shift in attitudes between the generations. We are showing that the younger generations are much more pro-Trump than the Baby Boomers who run the press.

Young Voters

But how exactly does this tie into the ever-changing workplace and the rise and fall of politics? Certainly, we can generalize these individual upbringings that influence different adulthood values to the changing social and political leanings. However, the idea of women’s rights and the bra-burning days of the ’60s are over. The girls in our office were in their 20s when Hillary was running. They were told they were not a woman unless they voted for Hillary. They called her a female Nazi. The attitudes changed, and the younger generations also do not know the horrors of war that the Baby Boomers are creating as their last horah before they die.

The message of Marxism and equality for all is fading. We have had a black president, and things are not as stark as they were in the ’60s. With the passing of time, attitudes change. This enabled Christianity to rise as people became disenchanted with praying to Roman and Greek gods, and nothing happened. Jesus, the son of God sent to Earth, was not so foreign from the concept that Hercules was the son of Zeus sent here to help humanity. That made Christianity saleable to the Greeks.

Hair Styles of Roman Woman 39BC 193AD

Attitudes shift and change with the passing of generations. We see that even in fashion, girls today wear torn jeans to represent what was actually during the 60s – not by fashion; your old favorite pair of jeans you wore until you could not more. Men’s ties widen and then narrow. Women’s skirts rise and fall. Even looking at the portraits of Roman women over a 224-year period shows the changing hairstyles and attitudes.

2028 Presidential forecast

The Democrats are in trouble. The old Marxist storyline is fading into the sunset. Most of the rights the unions were formed to defend are now regulations today, and many see unions as becoming irrelevant. Like NATO, which always wants war, unions always want confrontation. They were both created for a different time but fought against the changing times to remain relevant. The days of working conditions in sweatshops are long gone. What our model is showing is that the Democrats are pushing for war. This will be their own demise. Things have changed – but the Democrats cannot abandon Socialism. They cannot even envision a world without Marxism.

What Putin addressed was the image of Biden’s extremism with this transgender, pronouns, and wokeness. Looking at America from the outside, many are shaking their heads, asking what is happening. To Russia, we are the anti-Christ tearing the family unit apart as it took place under Communism, which was also anti-religion and sought to change the culture and fabric of society. To Russians, we are seen as a threat to their very culture and their religious beliefs. It is important to understand this backlash against the extreme progressiveness of the Biden Administration that is causing many outside of America to question the one leadership role of the free world.

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