NYC Mayor Begs to Relive City of Sanctuary Status



New York City Mayor Eric Adams has changed his stance on the migrant crisis after an extreme uptick in unpunished crimes against American citizens and is not asking to repeal its sanctuary city status. I do not believe he understands the full scope of the disaster these new arrivals have created regarding the city budget. Still, he is now feeling the public backlash after countless migrants have committed crimes only to be released back into the city to repeat their offenses without consequence.

“The mere fact that we cannot share with ICE that this person has committed three robberies and this person is part of an organized gang crew; there mere fact we can’t say that and communicate, that is a problem for me,” Adams said, adding, “I don’t believe people who are violent in our city and commit repeated crimes should have the privilege of being in our city.” How is this controversial?

Adams first welcomed the migrants bused from Texas with open arms. It was not an issue for non-border states, noting “New York is a city that shares Democratic values.” Diversity is its strength. Adams called any attempt to close the border “un-American” and praised NYC for its sanctuary status. “We are all in this together to deal with this influx of innocent people who are seeking asylum or fleeing wars, who are fleeing crises in their own country,” Adams said. “New York is one of the few states where you have right to shelter,” Adams said in August 2022.


The message was heard loud and clear across the globe; people arrived in the city in droves. By September 2023, Adams cried that the new arrivals would “destroy New York City” but continued to blame Republicans for shipping migrants to the city he declared to be a safe haven for all. Shortly after, Adams began lightly criticizing the Biden Administration for failing to answer his call. He said he would continue to support Biden so long as the federal government kept the money flowing to his city money.

Fast forward to 2024 — New York City is unrecognizable. The shelters are overrun, and the budgets are as imaginary as the tooth fairy. The once great city has become a national embarrassment, with police beaten in broad daylight by attackers who recommitted violent crimes against security days later. New gangs are forming throughout the city. Women and children have been victims of sexual crimes. People are fleeing NYC as fast as they can and taking their tax dollars with them. Adams is still siding with the Democrats and their open border policies, but is asking for the ability to deport violent criminals. Again, this should not be controversial.

Yet the left is saying, “NO!” The city council told reporters that they will not remove or alter the sanctuary city laws. Some are citing the favorite excuse of separating families, despite single men committing the majority of these heinous crimes. It is far too late, Eric Adams. You created this crisis by standing idle as your city was overrun with unvetted criminals from across the world.

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